10 Awesome Facts About Naruto

Naruto is a massive anime series loved by many. Here are some Naruto facts that you need to know.

1. Now when I hear or think of Naruto!! I think of characters wearing headbands!! Right Like they going for an 80’s work out!!!
And not just worn by Naruto himself but other characters like Yamato, Sai, and Kakashi!


Now in the original manga they actually didn’t have headbands! They had goggles. And some fans are like HEY!!! Why aren’t the goggles on? Well this is due to the fact that the animators took a bit of a easy streak and were like no goggles will be too hard to animate so lets do headbands instead! Is that lazy? Or what?

2. Now did you know that Naruto’s ramen show Ichiraku actually does exist. It was based of a shop that the author Masashi Kishimato spotted near the university he attended.


3. Now Masashi actually almost never ever gave us Naruto! He use to draw a lot being inspired by dragon ball however he couldn’t afford to get his weekly dragon ball fix in a magazine called Shonen Jump but because of a friend who subscribed he got to continue. However near the end of high school he fell out of interest with drawing manga instead. But he says that a poster for the animated film Akira brought him back into the anime manga world where set out to make his own series.

4. Naruto was written as a ONE shot comics. For those who don’t know what that means it’s a comic book series that is published as a stand alone issue and not part of an ongoing series. Which was released on August 1997 in an issue of Akamaru Jump. But obviously it got so popular that it was serialized into the weekly Shonen jump magazine. From 199 to 2014.



5. As of October 2015 The Manga has sold over 220 million copies and that makes it the 4th best selling manga in history. So its popular for a reason.

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6. And that makes Naruto popular and extremely influential. And yes it has such a dedicated fan base but some fans have been extremely extremely dedicated to the series that some have died over characters dying in the show.

7. On a lighter note Konoha Village is based of a real place. And this is Kishimoto’s home Okayama Prefecture in Japan. Which is a very very beautiful place because 11 percent of the land is designated as natural parks!!! While still having over 15 cities!



8. Now as we all know when anime came over to America a lot of things get changed. Sailor moon took out a lot of nudity. Heck there are even translation errors like for example final fantasy 3 is actually final fantasy 6. But in the show the character Asuma has a cigarette in his mouth. But because of heavy censor in America they had to digitally take out the smoke effects because of smoking laws in the states.

9. Also when it comes to the manga and the series there have a been a a lot of changes. And Neji for example his forehead in the manga has a tattoo of a Nazi symbol very similar to Charles Manson, but in the show they took it out and made it a x sign because they didn’t want him to be seen to closely related to Nazi ism. But how ever the symbol in Japan is called a manji. Here in the western society we frown on on it but however few things to notice here. If you notice the manji is backwards to a swastika.



10. Its hard to believe that a series like Naruto is actually considered earlier. Although they released Naruto Shippuden Misashi Kishimoto has stated that he has made peace with the end of the series. Although the Baruto series is a continuation of the series. Misashi is only really supervising the project.


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