10 Awesome Facts About Steven Universe #2

Steven Universe is a very unique. Here are 10 More facts about Steven Universe that you need to know:
1. You guys know Steven Universe is a show that has a lot of female characters but according to Rebecca Sugar, she only hired voice actors for crystal gems after hearing their singing voices.
2. In our last epside we talked about Steven universe being based off of Rebecca’s brother
Steven Sugar. But what you may know know is just like his sister he is also an artist. The two were
always drawing when they were kids, and also watched a lot of looney tunes. But at this time he does back ground artistry for Steven Universe and a web series called Bravest Warriors.
The music in the show gets a lot of inspiration from video games. Rebecca does play a bango-kalele and a ukeleel but admits she only nows 8 chords. But however most of the music comes from games like Zelda.
Jeff Liu is the story board artist has much more of a talent then just drawing. He made the
music for the cookie cat rap.
When it comes to the production of the show believe it or not Rebecca always has a loose idea of what she would like to do. But most of the episodes are all story boarded out so she could get her team to put input into the show.
The setting of the show takes place in Beach city, which is actually based off Rehoboth beach,
Bethany beach, and Dewey beach in Delaware!
The character Steven Universe is voiced by Zach Callison.
Now you know Ruby and Sapphire, They are actually based off the relationship between Rebecca and Ian Jones Quartey. Also, Rebecca’s birth stone is a ruby!
In the show gender and LGBT themes are usually addressed or nodded to. This is because Rebecca herself is a bisexual women and has talked about her experiences as a youth growing up hoping to normalize LGBT experiences for younger generations.
And lastely guys when it comes to creating anything everyone always gets inspiration from other shows. Its bound to happen. Rebecca says that as much as she wants to grab from her own inspirations she is very supportive of her team throwing in their thoughts and inspirations. But as for the direction of the show if you watch shows like the Simpsons with its very American cartoon round head and eyes feel, and ainmes like Revolutionary girl Utena which started off as a manga in 1996, and Evene Conan the boy in the future which dates way back to its release date on April 4 1978, you can see where the design of the show gets its inspiration from.
But Steven Universe has more

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