10 Crazy Attack On Titan Facts #2

1. Lets start off with the character Armin. Believe it or not it has several different meanings. It comes from german menaing whole or from the word hermin which means soldiers. And he’s kinda both.

2. You guys will know erens titan as the Rogue titan believe or not this was given to it by fans because it never really had an official name!


3. Most of the normal titans are oddly enough all based off of drunk peole that Isyama encountered.

4. If u remember mikasa was once stated to be worth a 1000 soldiers Believe it not this comes from a legendary Japanese female warrior named Tomoe gozen who was a late 12 century samarau warrior fighting during the Genepei war she was known for cutting off heads.

5. The colossal titan was at one point featured in a Subaru commercian which was also promotin for the live action attack on titan film. It was for the Subaru forester

6. Speaking of the attack on titan movie. It was released on july 14 2015 by non other Toho pictures. Which I’m not gonna lie if anyone can do large fighting creatures its toho the guys that did godizlla. The film was directed by Shinji Higuchi its us box officer for part 1 and 2 made 46 million dollars. In japan it was the 17th largest film ever made at a box officer coming in at 27 million us dollars or 3.25 billion yen. Meanwhile in America apparently there were subtitle problems!


7. Since its release in 2009 attack on titan has had 3 novels, 5 mangas, a television show, two anime films and two live action series, and a handful of video games.

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8. The first tankobon volume was released on march 17 2010, the most recent was volume 16 on april 9 2015.

9. We all know the Hajime Isayama is known for taking things form real life and putting it into this series with a spin. But as for Eren’s titan form he was actually modeleed of a real life fighter Yushin Okami who is a middle weight martial arts champion.


10. Attack on titan has received dozens of awareds in 2015 it was the top manga award for Yomiuri Shimbun Sugoi Japan awards, and was the second highest selling manga in 2013, with almost 16 million copies sold. And in America 6 of 7 english volumes were ranked as new york times best selling manga for October 2013.


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