10 Interesting Facts About Fullmetal Alchemist

1. Full metal alchemist a series created by Hiromu Arakawa. Now ebefoe we can get into FMA lets talk about the artist herself. She was born on may 8th 1973 in Tokachi Japan.  Whens he was young she used to draw doing a lot of oil paintings while taking a class once a month for 7 years while working on her  famililes farm  but it wasn’t until she moved to tokyo in 1999. There she got her first publication of Stray dog for the Monthly Shonen Gangan. And by 2001 she released the first capture of FMA!

2. Now it ran in the Shonen Gangan magazine from August 2001 to June 2010. Between the manga and the light novels there were 27 mangas and 10 light novels.


3. So where did the idea for Full Metal alchemist come from? Well acording to Arakawa she said she got inspiration when she was reading about the philospechers stone. A legendary alchemical stubstance that can turn base metals like murcury into gold. She threw it into a story while integrating social problems into it. She watched Tv and news programs ino roder to get sources of inspiration. She even talked to war veterens and a former yakuza memeber to get thse stories.


4. Now when it comes to characters the names of most of the mustang squadrens names are taken from real live fighters or aircraft. Example Roy mustang is named after the p-51 mustang. Hawkeye is the e2 hawkeye, Jean havoc after the douglas A-20 havoc. Heymans Breda is the Italian Breda Ba.65 and so on oh and Maes hughes, alex and olivier Armstrong might be inspired by Howard hughes and Neil armstrong.

5. Now as for the show its only got 51 episodes it started on October 4 2003 and rand to octo 3 2004. But the show as not created with Arakawa. She signed a deal with Bones production company to have it work seperately from her. She requested that the show have definately a different ending then that of the manga.


6. Now the character Alphonse… Why is he called Al for short! I thought oh it’s just slang! Nothing crazy. Well apparently there’s alot more to it then just shortening the name. Its because its related to Aluminium on the periodic taple which appears AL. And thats what alphonses armour is made of.

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7. Now if you are a reader of the manga’s you’ll recognize this cow figure. Which is a selp portait of Arakawa. She’s always been very illusive and doesn’t have very many pictures of herself. A trait quite common in manga. Why the cow? At the end of her manga’s she talks to her readers and tell her stories about herself. And the Cow represents the animals that were on her farm growing up. Full metal Alchemist has sold over 64 million copies world wide! And that makes Arakawa one of if not the top female Manga creator in the world

8. Another reference to the real world is if you look near the town of Yous Well in the eastern area there is a mountain called mount Fuji. And you guessed it its taken from Mount Fuji in Japan.

9. Althoguth Arakawa gets isinpiration from the real world she has stated that religions like christianity doesn’t exist in her universe and neither do holidays like Christmas and Valentines day.

10. When it comes to Al. Many people think his metalic way of talking was done digitally. Nope not a fat chance guys! This was actually done by putting a Metal bowl behind the microphone. And funanimation had to replicate it a few times for other films. Rie Kugimiya


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