10 Real Facts About RiceGum

1. Real name Bryan Le.




2. He’s 6’3” and 1/2 Chinese. But also half black? according to a tweet he made. Other sources have him at 6’2. There was also was something inappropriate in that tweet, We’ll let you figure it out…. We got kids watching.




3. Became famous when he started his YouTube series titled “These Kids Must Be Stopped” where he first began roasting other teenaged internet stars. Started the whole Ricegum VS Jacob Sartorius beef. We even did a video on Jacob Sartorius and some people thought they were beefing like for real. Some thug life things right there!




4. First video ever was a voice over of him playing COD (Call of Duty) in October 2, 2012.




5. He attended Sierra Vista High School in Las Vegas where he of course played for the school basketball team.


6. Recently revealed that he has a younger sister, in the video titled: ROASTING MY SISTER’S BULLY, where his sister’s bully made a video about how his sister was arguing over a guy that they like! You’re not even old enough to have a boyfriend, as Ricegum says in the video!




7. He sent his IG into a frenzy with this 6 fingers photo….although he claims it’s “just the lighting” Umm, unless he’s the first Asian that’s not good at math (stereotype), or he’s blind (also stereotype), or he’s one of those people that say the Thumb isn’t a finger……. That’s not a stereotype!

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8. Ricegum’s alter ego is Afrogum. You know, the “black-er” version of Ricegum.




9. This guy gets like 5-7k followers a day on average, of course some days are way higher. And according to social blade video view stats it’s quite likely that Ricegum could be a millionaire within a year period. He’s only growing bigger and bigger.




10. Birthday is November 19, 1996 – 19 years old.





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