10 Shocking Facts About Ariana Grande #2

1. Grande left school to pursue her music career; however she continued to be enrolled so that her tutors could send her materials and help her study.


2. At age three, Ariana had her first crush. Can you guess who? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you. It was Justin Timberlake! It was pretty hard not to fall for Justin’s cute curls in the 90’s!

3. Ariana has SEVEN dogs; Coco, Toulouse, Ophelia, Fawkes, Cinnamon Strauss and Sirius Black – AND THEY WERE ALL RESCUES. And in Early 2015, Ariana adopted her sixth dog Sirius Black, named after the fictional godfather in the Harry Potter series. She called him this because of his dark coat of fur.


4. If it wasn’t already clear from the previous fact, Ariana is a HUGE fan of the Harry Potter series. – unrelated but there’s a character named Ariana (Ariana Dumbledore) in the books. Her favourite characters in the series are Luna Lovegood & Draco Malfoy.

5. Although Ariana’s name was inspired by the 1958 version of Felix the Cat, and she also played Cat Valentine in the show Sam & Cat, ironically, she’s allergic to cats. That explains why she has so many dogs I guess. Forget you kitty! She is also allergic to bananas.

6. Ariana’s fan base are called Arianators. However on 27th March 2014, Ariana said she wanted her fan base to be called “the loves” rather than Arianators, since then she frequently tweets to her fans calling them ‘my loves’, this didn’t catch on!

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7. Her Vocal Range is Very Much Like Mariah Carey’s! There’s a reason why many say Ariana Grande is the “new Mariah Carey”. She has a four octave light lyric soprano vocal range. She can slay those high notes and Mariah’s signature whistle tone just like that!

8. Ariana Only Likes To Shoot The “Left Side of Her Face.” There’s a reason why everyone calls Ariana a “diva”. She’s known to have a list of demands including only to shoot from the left side of her face because that’s the angle she prefers.


9. In 2015, she won two MTV Millennial Awards for the ‘Global Instagrammer of The Year’ and ‘International Hit of The Year’ with her single ‘One Last Time’.

10. Ariana loves wearing high heels. In fact, when she is not wearing them, she walks around on tippy toes.


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