10 Shocking Facts About Mexico #2

1. Lets start off with one of my favourite facts and that is mexico has 44 volcanoes. Now most are extinct or dormant and they are part of the Trans Mexican Volcanic belt. The latest one to blow was Popocatépetl in 2015.


2. Mexico also has the OLDEST univeristy in North america. Which is the national university of mexico. She’s old she was founded in 1551 And is consdered the oldests in North america but the second oldests in the aemricas. The universty was founded by Charles 1st  of spain. The univerity was closed in 1885 whent he liberals wanted to remove the church from controlling the schools and grant it to the goverment. It was revived in 1910 and is still going today in mexico city.

3. Mexico has the second highest amount catholics in the world. With over 98.8 milion catholics. Now brazil is number one with 125 million.

4. A chihuahua is not just a small little dog that which they say originated in Mexico. But its also the name of one of the states in Mexico. Its funny because its the smallest dog but the biggest state with 247,000 km square


5. Now mexico is infamous for the drug problem. They have estimated that the drug industry makes between 3- 4 percent of mexicos gdp. And we know lots of illegal drugs in america are sourced from mexico but here’s a funny irony. According to the Bureau of tobacco fire arms and alcohol. 90 percent of confiscated weapons come from the United States.


6. In 1913 Mexico has a record for having the most presidents in one day. And that was 3 or them. It was known as Huerta’s coup d’état where GeneralHuerta over throught he goverment forcing the previous predient Vice president, and attorney general to sign resignation. But the constitution at the time stated that the next person in line would go to either the VP, Attorney general or forgien minister who was Pedro Lascuráin. Pedro became president, appointed huerta as his subordinate and then resigned  and presidenty went to hureta.

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7. Mexico also has the recorded of doing the largest THRILL flash dance. When michael jackson died in june 25 2009 . 13,597 gathered on august 29th and performed thriller. It was all organized by the goverments Institute of youth.


8. Now mexico just like america has a civil war This was in 1836- to 1838. It resulted in Texas gainign its indepennce from the republic of mexico.

9. And speaking of war lets talk about the american mexican war which was 10 years later begin in 1846 and ended in 1848. This began with the annexation of Texas to the united states. Which happne din 1845. The borders of texas were not really identified and this caused a lot of problems. At the end of the war Yerba Buena which was san fansciso at the time. With the arrival of the Ussa Porstmouth  the town of Yerba buena and the region knonwn as alta california became a united states military  territory with his name being changed to san fransciso on January 30 1847

10.  Did you know in mexico 21 million people are sinking 3 feet per year?


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