10 Surprising Breastfeeding Facts

The female body is full of amazing amazing-nessand breasts?! Well, they’re more amazing than you could imagine. Not only do they look great but they provide nourishment for another living being.

We have 10 surprising breastfeeding facts for you coming up!

10. You burn a ton of calories.

Experts estimate that it takes about 500 calories to make the 24-28 ounces of breast milk that the average mom makes each day. You can burn anywhere between 200 and 500 extra calories for milk production each daywithout even moving!! That means you can probably splurge and eat that extra browning.

9. Your milk doesn’t just come out of the obvious holeit comes out of about 20.

Anyone would guess that your milk would come out of the hole right in the center of the nipple but in reality, milk comes out of a bunch of holes in the nipple called “milk duct orifices” these holes are usually around 4-20 per breast. If your baby is latched on properly, their mouth will cover the entire areola, not just the tip on the nipple so they can catch the spray from multiple holes with no problem.

8. It’s still a turn-on for your man.

Although your breasts have taken on a new role now that you’re a mommythey still have the same role for your partnereven with a baby attached.

7. YOU might even get turned on.

Becoming aroused during breastfeeding is completely natural, common but yes, very confusing. Many women enjoy breast stimulation in their sex lives before a baby is even in the pictureso erogenous zones don’t just stop feeling good when they’re touched all of a sudden now that you do have a baby. Just know that the physical arousal you feel is completely separate from any type of emotion you feel towards your baby. Again, just so you know, it is common, despite it being a taboo subject for obvious reasons.

6. You are magical now and full of magical healing powers.

No, seriously. Breast-milk contains antibodies that defend your baby against infections. A few drops of breast-milk can also soothe a newborn’s diaper rash or sore throat, treat acne and help alleviate eye and ear infections.

5. Even wondered what your breast milk tastes like?

Well, I’m sure you’ve tried it at least once but for those of you who have neverit tastes like cow’s milk but it is nuttier, sweeter and almost vanilla-like. Hind milk, which is the milk that comes at the end of the nursing session) is creamier, thicker and more like condensed milk.

4. Did you know you could drink beer to boost your milk supply?

Postpartum women in the UK were once encouraged to drink a pint of Guinness to boost their milk supply. But, although the barley in beer may increase prolactin, which is the hormone that causes lactation, the alcohol in beer can inhibit it. It’s best to wait two hours after having a drink before your nurse.

3. You can still breastfeed even if you have implants or nipple piercings.

Many women with implants can still breastfeed successfully. Incisions made through the armpit or underneath the breast tend to interfere with breastfeeding the least, whereas incisions around the areola can increase problems with feeding like blocked milk ducts. When it comes to pierced nipples – you obviously shouldn’t feed with your nipple jewelry in but the hole it leaves shouldn’t interfere with feedings. Like I mentioned above, milk comes from many holes at once.

2. It can hurt.

Breastfeeding looks really easy but it can hurt quite a bit for the first few weeks or months. Getting your baby to latch on at all, let alone correctly, can take a lot of time and that followed by 8-12 feedings a day can leave your nipples feeling raw and sore. The discomfort can range from slight tenderness to cracked and bleeding skin.

1. Like tattoos, it’s painful, but addictive.

Although there isn’t much research to back this theory up, many women swear that they find breastfeeding addictive because of the good feelings it brings and the calories it burns.

What is your favorite breastfeeding memory? Write to us in the comments below. 

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