10 Surprising Facts About Melanie Martinez #2

1. Melanie Martinez’s newest baby-centric music video, “Pacify Her” hit 1 million views within the first 3 and a half hours. Martinez takes entertainment to a whole new level, with a mix of unusual-ism, without over the top shock value. Unusual-ism??? New word. FACT!


2. Her first album named, ‘Cry Baby’ is also the name of her alter ego. The album debuted at number 6 on the Billboard 200 and was hugely successful. On choosing that name for her album Martinez had A LOT to say: “I knew for a while that I wanted to name my first album Cry Baby. At first I was just really into the name, and then I started thinking about it more and realized that I was called a crybaby and made fun of alot when I was younger for being overly sensitive and emotional. Growing up, I feel likea lot of people are taught that being emotional is a weakness, and I really wanted to overcome my insecurities with feeling out of control with my emotions. It was just a self-description of how I’ve always felt my entire life.”


3. Melanie Martinez has added a new brand to her unique image: Cry Baby Perfume Milk—named after her debut album Cry Baby, of course. Martinez invented the perfume herself, saying in an interview with Billboard, “The idea for this perfume has been cultivating in my brain since the moment I finished writing my album. Martinez’s record label, Atlantic Records, will offer the scent, available in the US and online beginning Dec. 19 (but you can pre-order it now!).


4. On social media: Martinez calls Twitter the center for cyber bullying and said she had trouble dealing with trolls on social media. But now she has learned to keep the app on her phone but never go on it when she’s bored. So she only goes on social media when she wants to share or post something.

Photo: Jeremy Witteveen | wittefini.com
Photo: Jeremy Witteveen | wittefini.com

5. Apparently Martinez has really bad anxiety before she plays. She says before she plays she just needs to chill out and smoke some weed or watch some cartoons.


6. Her millions of fans are mostly 13-18 year olds and people facing problems in adulthood. She says that teenagers relate to her music because of how colorful and fun it looks and adults like it because the lyrics speak to them.

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7. Martinez doesn’t want to be the artist who settles for just 2 music videos per album. She is determined and very hands on when it comes to her work and is determined to do a music video for every song on the album! Because her video themes can sometimes be hard to understand, she also tries to include a lot of visuals in her videos. This is so that there can be a physical book telling the story of the entire album, like a storybook. “Not singles or songs, just the full thing.”


8. On her musical style: She was always very inspired by hip-hop, because her dad played a lot of hip-hop when she was growing up. That’s why she was so into the hip-hop drums and percussion and that’s why that’s like that in her album. And the toy sounds in her music, because, obviously, she was just really inspired by toys.


9. During a concert, Melanie had her purse stolen from her. It had her passport and other belongings in it. The person who stole it had actiually made a fake Instagram account saying: “Follow me if you want to see what’s inside Melanie’s purse.” Crazy fans!!!!


10. Earlier this year, Melanie Martinez did a show in London that involved a giant cradle, marionette dancing and a band dressed as teddy bears. But it’s not just about being bizarre for Melanie. She highlighted deeply serious subjects such as body image and self-harm, too.



11. Her most hated Christmas song is “Walking In A Winter Wonderland.” Martinez says that she just can’t listen to it anymore because of experiences when she was younger — just hearing it over and over again in elementary school, the whole choir would sing it, and it was like, “Oh, my God, it’s just too much”. She also doesn’t like “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” because she knows she’s going to be depressed.



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