10 Surprising Facts About Melanie Martinez #3

1.  Her latest video”Pacify Her” was insanely popular. But did you also know that Melanie directed the video for “Pacify Her” herself? Not just that she was also responsible for styling the video!

Melanie Martinez performs at the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Zilker Park Saturday October 1, 2016.  JAY JANNER / AMERICAN-STATESMAN

2. After the release of her music video “Pacify Her”, there are only three tracks left on the album “Cry Baby” which do not have a music video yet. But don’t worry cause Martinez fans can be sure to expect  music videos for those tracks.

3. Now we know how unique Martinez’s fashion sense is. Whether she is wearing bibs, doll heads, or bunny ears Melanie usually wears something to bring out the little kid in her. She usually decorates her face with bright makeup on her eyes and lips with matching eyebrows. She can be very wild and cartoony while still maintaining elegance. But did you know that she also sells some of her clothes on her Depop account? So if you wanna look like Melanie and get your hands on some of her stuff, you know where to go!


4. She hasn’t performed in Japan yet, but she wants to!

5. The most difficult song for her to perform is “Milk & Cookies”

6. Usually when we think  about writing songs, we think that it takes a looong time to find the write lyrics and you gotta make it rhym and all that.  It takes her anywhere in between 30 minutes and several days to write a song.

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7. On being asked “if you could be any age you want, how old would you be?” She said that she “feels 60 to be honest.” I feel you there Melanie. 60 is the new 20, I guess?

8. Beetlejuice is her favorite movie of all time.


9. Speaking of her favorite stuff, Go Ask Alice is her favorite book. If you don’t know, it was a book published in 1971 and is a fictional biography of a troubled teenage girl who becomes addicted to drugs. Also the author of that book was Anonymous. But it’s now known that Beatrice Sparks wrote the book.

10. If you want to shop where Melanie shops, here’s where to go: Playclothes in Burbank, California!


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