12 Fashion Trends That Should NEVER Return

Styles are always on a rotationsomething that was once hot in the 40’s lost it’s appeal but came back in the 70’ssimilarly, things that were hot in the 90’s are hot again nowlike chokers, high waist and ripped jeans and backpack pins!

But here are 12 Fashion Trends that should never return!

12. Visible thongs.

I cant believe this was ever a thing. In the early 2000’s showing that “whale tail” and tramp stamp was all the rage. It started dying down at the end of the decade and thank goodness for that.

11. Dress over jeans.

One of the most memorable red carpet looks was Anne Hathaway on in her embroidered pink dress and light wash denim jeanswhat was wrong with the dress by itself? or the jeans by themselves?!

Some things just don’t go togetherand this entire outfit was absurd.

10. Clear bra straps.

I mean, what’s the point? They are still straps and still clearly visible.

9. Jelly shoes.

Okay, these were really comfy but man, they are not cute. Even worse? They had sparkles. So tacky and they make your feet sweat.

8. Matching outfits.

At the 2001 AMAs, then couple, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears were super cute when they stepped out in matching jean ensembles.let’s just not ever do this again.

7. Shutter shades.

Kanye West is the man behind this fad from 2008. Plastic, every color of the rainbow, they don’t block the sunand you cant even see out of them. What’s their purpose?!

6. Mini crowns.

Yes, every girl is a princess but really? You have to wear a mini crown? Classy.

5. Butterfly clips.

The 90’s was the perfect era for cutesymatching glitter lip gloss, thin eyebrows and butterfly accessories. Just don’t let this look come backunless you’re a six year old.

4. Harem pants.

We all know them. MC Hammer was the KING of these bad boys – they aren’t flattering on anyone, they balloon up when the wind blows and the crotch sags all the way down to your ankles. NEXT.

3. Juicy Couture.

In the 90s and early 2000s, you had money when you rocked one of these matching velour suits with the word “juicy’ across the bum.

2. Wedge sneakers.

You’re either going to wear wedges or sneakers. Don’t wear wedged sneakers. Whose idea was this?! Stop it.

1. Leggings worn as pants.

This is the ultimate fashion no-no. Say it with me: “leggings are not pants!”

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