12 Incredible Facts About Narendra Modi

1. Fast facts about Modi:

Birth date: September 17, 1950

Birth place: Gujarat, India

Birth name: Narendra Damodardas (daa-mo-thur-daas) Modi


2. Narendra Modi is India’s 15th prime minister. He secured the largest mandate any Indian prime minister has won since 1984 in the country’s mammoth general election in April. He was also the First Indian prime minister born in independent India.

3. What marks his uniqueness is that Modi always puts his signature in Hindi, whether it be an official document or in any casual occasion. This is because Modi is extremely grounded and is one of the patrons of the national language and avidly uses Hindi while addressing the public or the press.

4. Marital Status – For many years the marital status of Narendra Modi was not known, but before the 2014 General Elections, Modi filled in some papers wherein he mentioned his wife’s name in one of the columns. When he was a teenager, he was married to Jashodaben Chimanlal. His parents arranged his marriage when he was 13 years of age and he got married when he became 18. However, the marriage was not consummated relationship as soon after the marriage, he left home and embarked on his journey in politics. When he filed his nomination for prime minister, he was forced to acknowledge the marriage after almost 50 years of claiming to be single.


5. This is a word this illustrious leader does not relate to. He has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat for a span of thirteen years and during his term in office he did not take any leave. He is a workaholic and work tops the priority list of Modi.

6. Social media and technology played a large role in Modi’s campaign. He is an avid tweeter with nearly 4 million followers. He joined the election selfie trend, he blogged, and he appeared as a hologram at several rallies in his efforts to portray the BJP as a progressive, technocratic party that can lead India into the 21st century.

7. He aspired to become a sanyasi (sort of like a priest). As a child and in his late teenage years he ventured on an unknown journey and travelled from one place to another. lived a life of a gypsy for a couple of years. Narendra Modi went to Himalayas and stayed there for 2 years with Yogi Sadhu when he was a teenager.

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8. No Visa. Modi was only granted a visa to visit the United States when he was elected leader, as the US government denied one for nine years for his failure to stop communal riots that killed more than 1,000 people – the majority of them were Muslims – when he was chief leader of the state of Gujarat.


9. He reads everything that’s written about him. It is well known that the Indian Prime Minister has an inclination towards technology. To stay a step ahead of his critics, it is believed that after waking up everyday at 5.30 in the morning, Modi hops on to the Internet to read what’s being written about him and if there’s anything constructive that he can learn from them. So be careful before you go off ranting about him!

10. Near Death Experience. The Sharmishtha Lake located in his hometown was a regular play area for Modi during his childhood days. Frighteningly, and a rare known fact is that the lake was also home to crocodiles and once a crocodile hit Modi with its tail resulting in serious injuries. However, he was fortunate enough to survive the attack.

11. Modi is extremely conscious about the problem of cleanliness in India and launched the – “Swacch Bharat Mission” to spread the awareness of cleanliness among the masses. He once quoted in one of his rallies – “Build toilets before temples”.


12. He is one among the THIRTEEN people whom Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe follows on the social networking site Twitter. He has more than 12-million followers on Twitter, which places him second as the world’s most followed leaders after President Obama. Narendra Modi is considered as India’s most techno-savvy leader. He remains active on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Linkedin, Sound Cloud, Weibo and other forums.


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