12 Interesting Facts About China #2

1. So probably one of the most interesting facts I read about is that apparently All giant panda’s outside of the ocuntry are on loan from china. This is because The panda is china’s national symbol. So if you lend a panda its a sign of good will. Funny part is if any panda’s have babies they have to be sent back to china to help increase the population. And all these panda’s are send back via fed ex. And they even give panda’s to other countries as diplomatic gifts.


2. Now china is the largest country of exports. But when it comes to imports and exports. They exports 2.37 Trillion dollars. 8.8 percent of that Computers. And 6.6 of it being Broadcasting equipment.
But their imports equal 1.53 tirllion dolloars.
Biggest being good old crude petroleum and Integrated circuits

3. Did you know that in china Music is legal to download. This is because they have a partnership with google that allows them to download and listen to the largest record artists in the world.


4. China is also home to the largest damn in the world. It’s called teh Three Gorges Hydro Electric Damn. Its on the yangtzi river. Now this damn is not ust the largests but its created a lot of controversy. From Corruption to Environmental damages. Also the damn ended up flooding 1,300  Anchient archeological sites, and displaced 1.3 million people.

5. China also has great respect for its elders as a matter of facts. The have an elderely rights law. This law means that its illegal for anyone who has parents over 60 not to visit them legally.


6. Now during the the second Century chinese medical lieterature of the time mentioned that the blood circulates throught he body. Nowe over course William harvey however is credited for discovering how the blood circulatory system works by the 17th centurey. The chinese did know that blood moved through the body, but they didn’t now it was the heart that pumped from the forces of theYing Yang.

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7. We also know that china is one of the fastest growing countries on the planet. But If we were to measure how fast its growing when it comes to sky scrapers, you wyould find that a new sky scraper is build every 5 days.

8. Largest Army. China also has the largest army in the world. It’s known as the PLA. The Peoples liberation army and they have a man power of 2, 285,000 million people.

9. Speaking about its army lets talk about China durring the second world war. Now when it comes to losses its well known that russia lost over 23 million people. But coming in second was china with an estimated 20 million people. In 1937 China was at war with Japan  in what was called the Second Sino- Japanese war. The battle of Wuhun had over 540,000 casualties and was the 6th largest urban battle in human recorded history.

10. Now for all you horse back riders out there whether you ride western or you ride English style you may wonder where the invention of the Stirrup came from. For those who don’t know the stirrup is the little loop you put your foot in at the side while riding a horse. But the earliest dependable version of a stirrup were found in a tomb from Jinn dyna dating back to 322 C.E . And the ones you see here are them in facts and are made out of iron!

11. And lastly jumping back to world war 2. During the elements of the holocaust. Mnay jewish people fled europe to get away frm the nazi regime. But unfortunately many jewish refugees were given a cold shoulder from most countries. But as for Shangai. That city alone tok anywehre between 15 and 18,000 refugess. Sheltering them in jewish communities around the city.


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