12 Interesting Facts About Once Upon A Time – **NO SPOILERS**

1. Lets start off tlakinga bout lady gaga! We all know her amazing work for American horror story but did you know originally she was offered the role as the Blue Fairy. But the company never heard back from her management team so moved onto to Keegan Connor Tracy

2. Now one of my favourite characters is hook. Maybe its jus cause he’s such a punk pirate love it!!! But the fan favourite didn’t come in till about seasons 2’s the Crocodile episode originally they had plans to bring him in season one but they couldn’t due to copy write issues. Originally Gil McKinney auditioned for him.


3. Now peter pan is somewhat of a villain in this show. Which is a huge reversal for the beloved character that we know and have come to like.  But ther are many indications that suggest that J.m Barrie suggest that he had a darker side. In the novel of peter pan she wrote that Peter pan would “thin out the lost boys when they got to old. … Soo its interpereted that he would excile or kill thme. But in the book it also said he would switch sides when fighting pirates for fun, and would even go on hunts for pirates.

4. Captains hooks ship is actually a well known ship in real life! It’s a replica of the Lady Washington which was an 18 century vessel. The ship ha sbeen in many films such as pirates of the Caribbean, and even was a holodeck ship in star trek generations.


5. Orgiinally Maleficent was going to be played by Paula Marshall. Everything was cool until they decieded to go in a different direction and she was replaced by Kristen Beauer van straden

6. Throughout the series some actors forgot to take off their wedding rings for the shoot and it confused fans. For example the characters Mr. Gold, and Regina were both seen with rings because actors Robert Carlyle, and Lana Parilla forgot to take them off. Speaking of Mr gold he doesn’t have a first name because it was never written.

6. Now prince charming there is something funny about him. We all know in the show he was in a hospital in a coma. Which you would think hey it’s a role reveral for sleeping beauty. Well believe it or not in the pilot charming was actually set to die but the writers were like OHHH man this show can’t go on without him soo they said Lets throw him in a comma till later!

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7. Now if you ask me Ginnifer Goodwin was always desting to play snow white. This is because when she was a kid she was obsessed with the princess.

8. The wardrobe in the show is a hint to the Narnia and the lion the witch and the wardrobe?

9. Jamie Dornan originally had a much different role intended for that show. We know him as huntsman or graham but the writers and producers had him pegged for Sherlock holmes. But like hook in first season they could not get the rights.

10. Hook had a lot of inspiration from the past. His characters was based off of han solo from star wars and Westley from princess bridge, and his wardrobe was taken from the 80’s band Depeche mode.

11. Now there are soo many nods to other Disney films such as rumpllesklinksins tea cup has a chip in it.. Because it is a nod to Chip from beauty and the beast.

12. And lastly do u know why Mad hatters alternate name is Jefferson??? Its because it’s a nod to Jefferson Airplane a 60’s psychedelic band  who had a song about drugs called WHITE rabbit!


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