12 Most Cringey Ariana Grande Moments

We all know that Ariana Grande is arguably one of the biggest pop stars of our generation but as her fame grew, so have rumours of rude and bizarre diva behaviour that just makes us cringe.

12. Licking Donuts


This has to be the most bizarre thing anyone had ever seen. Maybe she was just going through a rebellious phase with this new boyfriend? Making out and licking donuts…doing what young people do? We have no clue!

11. Her role in a (Disney show)

Victorious  308 "Driving Tori Crazy" Beck Oliver  (Avan Jogia) and Cat Valentine (Ariana Grande) in Victorious on Nickelodeon. Photo Credit: Lisa Rose/Nickelodeon. ©2011 Viacom International,Inc. All Rights Reserved

Next up, if you’re a die-hard Ariana Grande fan you may know that she began her career acting on the Nickelodeon show Victorious as the ditzy friend, Cat. Her voice couldn’t get more cringe-worth on this show!

10. Ryan Seacrest interview


Now, we understand when you want to keep your private life private. But when you post a photo on Instagram for your millions of followers… that’s an invitation for the people interviewing you to ask about said photo. We’re referring to this interview with Ryan Seacrest where Ariana shut him down QUICK when he asked about this photo of her and now public boyfriend Mac Miller.

9. Trying to explain (lyric) to Ellen Degeneres


This interview with Ellen is actually hilarious and thank goodness for Ellen’s fantastic humour and making people feel uncomfortable – she tried to understand what Ariana Grande was referring to when it came to her song lyrics.

8. Charlemagne the God interview about licking donuts


Similar to Ryan Seacrest asking about Mac Miller, Charlemagne the God brought up the big no-no, the licking donuts incident at the 2016 VMAs and Ariana was not afraid to show him how she really felt.

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7. Impressions


Moving on, Ariana Grande is likely the Queen of impressions but she may need to work on her male impressions a little more because she got more pity laughs than applause for this impression of The Weeknd.

6. Victoria Secret Show


Probably the best thing to happen to memes on the internet was Ariana performing at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show when she was smacked in the face by an Angel’s wings…the memes….were neverending.

5. Kiss dodge


At number 5, we have the awkward collecting of the award from Ian Somerhalder when Ariana went on stage and Ian went in for a cheek kiss and she awkwardly…dodged it. We’re still wondering why she did that…

4. AMAs award


Speaking of awards, Ariana won this award in 2003 and had to shimmy on stage in her tight red dress with only seconds to spare to thank everyone she wanted…

3. Calls out her Choir teacher


Anyone who brushed Ariana Grande off before she became who she is now is obviously kicking themselves…even worse when Ariana calls you out herself!

2. TODAY show


At number 2, Ariana is obviously quirky, fun and random so it definitely caught the hosts of the Today Show off guard when they came back on screen and Ariana made a comment that took everyone for surprise!

1. Falls on stage in Toronto


Finally, we’ve made itto the number one spot – the cringiest thing that can ever happen to a celeb while performing is falling on stage and yup, you got it…Ariana took a fall!


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