12 Real Facts About Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro – the man responsible for ruling Cuba all these years! Now for some people this may be an emotional topic because he recently passed away on November 25 2016. But with this death makes people question what he was really like. Was he really a bad guy or was the American media portraying him as a villian because he just didn’t care for the ways of the United States. So lets get talking about Fidl Castro.

1. Fidel Castro was born on his family’s sugar plantation in Cuba. This was on August 26 1926. And he lived to be 90 years old . His family was actually very wealthy which made him attend the University of Havana.


2. During his years at Havana he was studying law where he became the activist against right wing way of life. As a matter of fact he took part in protests and rebellions against the goverment. In 1953 he launched a failed attack against the Moncada barraks with 165 men in a plan to over throw the goverment, but it all failed and he got sent to jail.


3. When he was in jail he renamed his rebel group the 26th of July Movement. And during that time he created a school for prisoners teaching them about Karl Marx, Lenin but other people like Shakespeare and of course Freud.


4. Castro’s first wife was Mirta Díaz-Balart, whom he married in October 1948, and together they had a son, Fidel Ángel “Fidelito.” But by the time 1955 rolled around Castro was thrown in exile and ended up divorcing her. Although they had one child together Fidel Jr., he was not given rights to see his child. But when his son came to see him in mexico Fidel kidnapped him.

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5. Castro sure loves his cigars. You always see him with a cigar but actually its interesting to know that he quit smoking in 1985. He even said the best thing you can do with a box of cigars is give them to your enemy.


6. On February 16 1959, Castro was sworn in as Prime Minister of Cuba.


7. Fidel Castro has also been one of the longest running person in power responsible for holding onto a country. He had his brother take over while he was sick in 2006 but officially resigned in 2008, holding onto the title of Prime Minister for 49 years.

FILE - This Dec. 22, 2001 file photo shows Ramon Castro during a rally, in Havana, Cuba. Castro, a lifelong rancher and farmer who bore a strong physical resemblance to his younger brother, Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, died Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016, state media announced. He was 91. ( AP Photo/Jose Goitia, File)

8. He also has the record for the longest speech ever! His speech at the UN which was on September 29 1960 was 4 hours and 29 minutes long. But there was one in Cuba which was in 1986 and was 7 hours and 10 minutes!


9. Castro would also meet foreign diplomats early in the morning. The reason for this was because he felt that if people were tired to argue back he could easily win arguments.


10. When it comes to the United States, they really didn’t like the guy. It’s been rumored that the CIA made 634 attempts attempts on his life. With all these attempts it is rumored that the US goverment spent over 1 billion dollars trying to kill the guy.


11. Fidel also owned an animal that had a Guinness Book of World Records. This was a cow. And it had the record of being the highest milk yeild by a cow in one day.


12. Fidel also is succeeded by 5 sons.



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