12 Surprising Facts About RCLBeauty101

1. You would never know that Rachel Levin was a shy girl by the way she’s so silly, funny and confident in her videos but guess what – when Rachel first started her YouTube channel she was so scared that no one would watch and that everyone would judge her. She was SO shy that she wouldn’t even raise her hand in class because she was scared of what people would think if she gave the wrong answer. She wrote on her Instagram that her Levinators (aka her fans) taught her that it’s okay to speak up and that it doesn’t matter if she gives the wrong answer because in order to grow in life, you have to give a million wrong answers.


2. Rachel has three siblings and two step-siblings

3. Her first video ever on YouTube was called “How To Conceal Under Eye Dark Circles” on December 15, 2010 when she was just 15 years old!

4. In 2015, Rachel was named the top social media influencer under 21 by an LA based social marketing company called Zerf.

 5. As much as Rachel loooooves making YouTube videos…her least favourite part is picking the music!!


6. Rachel has an alter ego named Raquel – she says that she becomes her when she’s wearing a really fancy outfit and fake eyelashes


7. When Rachel was in grade 9, she accidentally sewed through her finger with a sewing machine so now she’s too scared to teach herself how to sew!

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8. Rachel has a pet lamb named Alo


9. One time, Rachel accidentally donated $5000 to the national breast cancer foundation….but, she wasn’t even mad about it. She was actually happy that it went towards that.

10. Her favourite movie is Barbie as Rapunzel

11. Rachel Claire Levin. (R C L).

12. Before all her success on YouTube, she was a cheerleader in high school and she began her college studies at Penn State.


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