12 Surprising Facts About Salman Khan

1. Khan began his acting career with at  age of 23, for  a supporting role in Biwi Ho To Aisi (1988) and achieved breakthrough with a leading role in his next film Maine Pyar Kiya (1989), which won him the Filmfare Award for best male debut.


2. He never reads movie reviews Salman is not bothered about what reviews he gets on his films. Whether the movie is a hit or a flop, the no-care attitude makes Salman the fearless actor of Bollywood!

3. Full name is Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan

4. Salman Khan’s favorite actress is Hema Malini while his favorite actor is Sylvester Stallone.

5. Salman loves Chinese food. His favorite restaurant for Chinese food is China Garden in Mumbai


6. Salman has a weird obsession of collecting soaps. His bathroom is stacked with a variety of natural soaps.

7. Salman Khan suffers from Trigeminal Neuralgia which is a facial nerve disorder known as the “Suicide disease“. The disorder is characterized by episodes of intense pain in the face, originating from the trigeminal nerve.


8. Salman Khan is the son of legendary Indian actor and writer Salim Khan. But Salman was a fighter from the beginning, and never used his father name during his struggling years. He aved his own way when he went to audition for movies. Rather than getting roles just for being the sone of a famous person, he wanted to get acting roles because of his personal talent.


9. Salman Khan set up the Being Human Foundation in 2007, which supports the underprivileged in India. It works with private companies to help poor people with education and healthcare.

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10. If you look at several biographical sources about Salman Khan, you will noticed that they list his religion as both Hindu and Muslim. This is due to the fact that he has said in the past that he’s both Muslim and a Hindu but really has no religion. That’s because his mother is a Hindu and his father is a Muslim.


11. His film, Ek Tha Tiger, that he starred in with Katrina Kaif, became the second-highest earning Bollywood film in history when it grossed nearly $57 million in 2012.

12. He’s not just a talented actor, but did you know he also writes, paints, does photography, he’s  a swimmer, as well a a pretty good singer


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