20 Surprising Facts About Melanie Martinez

1. First Fact. Melanie Martinez was born in Baldwin, New York on April 28, 1995. She is of Puerto Rican and Dominican decent, though she doesn’t speak fluent Spanish. Que Pasa?


2. Fans that know her history may already know this one. Melanie was a contestant on the third season of The Voice as part of Team Adam Levine, this was back in 2012. Melanie’s creative spin on Britney Spears’s classic hit “Toxic” landed her a spot on Team Adam. She finished as a Top 6 finalist. But who cares if she didn’t win because she signed a deal with Atlantic in 2014.




3. She Hates Vegetables. She states that she will avoid them at all costs and she has to have chocolate of some sort after every single meal or she cannot function. Man don’t you just wish Broccoli tasted like Chocolate?


4. Although Melanie Martinez is a 21 year old adult, she still has two baby teeth. Apparently, they never fell out.




5. Despite her unique fashion sense, she does not own any jeans. Maybe they don’t match the doll look that she’s known for.




6. She Wants to Be a Tattoo Artist. If she wasn’t a famous singer, Melanie Martinez would love to be a tattoo artist.




7. She Collects Stuffed Animals. More specifically, She actually collects stuffed animals from the 50s and the 60s. Of course she likes modern stuffed animals, but she prefers that her stuffed animal collection come from that time period.


8. Another odd fact about Melanie Martinez is that she often does not wears shoes when she performs. Guessing it’s so she doesn’t fall on stage like others. On that note, don’t expect to see her in shoes on stage when she goes on tour in 2016; she won’t be wearing them.


9. Her First Word as a Baby? “Mine,” right after her dad snatched a Push Pop out of her hand.


10. Did you know that Melanie’s hairstyle is based on the 101 Dalmatians’s villain, Cruella de Vil? To keep the look, she has salon appointments every four weeks.

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11. As you now know, Melanie has a fascination with tattoo art. She has some tattoos herself, Including an ice cream cone, babies and one of a rabbit. Creepy fact: Her favorite tattoo is the bunny on her forearm. It is a tribute to a bunny that was decapitated when she was younger.




12. Things that scare her the most is the dark and bees.




13. Reportedly very clumsy. She says that she stumbles or trips at least eight times a day. Honestly, this girl is like a natural adult baby. She even looks like a baby, and by that I mean super young. Think she’s gonna be one of those people who just don’t age.


14. Melanie has a secret power, she can shoot chocolate milk out of the gap between my two front teeth. So don’t piss her off, you just might get sprayed.




15. Looks like Grandma knows best after all, Her grandmother is the one who pushed her to sing, and Melanie went on to explore her musical endeavors by posting covers and original content on YouTube.




16. One time a fan stole from her. In one interview she said:
“Yeah. I’ve gotten stuff stolen before. On one of my tours, I wore a vintage robe onstage that my friend let me borrow. I took it off onstage, and when I walked offstage, someone climbed up onto the stage and took it. Security was not very good that night.”




17. The movie The Shining is her favorite classic horror movie.




18. To add to her doll like theme, even her apartment is decorated like a baby’s nursery.




19. She eats chocolate chip cookies every day. Probably not the healthiest of diets but we’re convinced she survives on an IV of sugar as she consumes chocolate chip cookies every single day. Cookie Monster, you got some serious competition.




20. Guess she was born to be a singer, her middle name is Adele. Melanie Adele Martinez


Photo: Jeremy Witteveen | wittefini.com
Photo: Jeremy Witteveen | wittefini.com



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