5 Creepiest Ouija Board Stories – News In History

Board game or portal to evil? The ouija board hasbeen around for centuries and while some people see itas a harmless fortune-telling board game, something similar to the magic 8-ball, a lot of others see it as a way to speak to the dead.




In 1913, a young woman with very little education became a publishing sensation after writing six novels and thousands of poems THROUGH HER OUIJA BOARD. She chan-neled a spirit called Patience Worth who died in the 1600s and over the next 24 years, was able to publish those books letter by letter through the board.

In 1920,in the town of El Cerrito in California, police arrested a dozen people who were said to have gone insane after using a ouija board. It was reported that they were hysterical and ripping off their clothes. Following that event, the ouija board was banned from the town.




This one sounds like it’ s straight out of a movie script but in 1934, a 15-year-old girl shot and killed her father with a shotgun. Once she was arrested and had her day in court, Mattie Turley said that her mother hadbeen using the ouija board and it spelled out ‘ Daddy Must Die”.




It’s been told that in 1949, a 14-year-old boy tried to use the ouija board to contact his aunt who passed away. Following his attempt, strange things started to happen – his bed shook violently, welts formed on his skin as if he had been bitten and beaten and objects started flying around his room. He was considered possessed by demons and had to be exorcised. If this sounds familiar to you, it’ s because this tale is what the move The Exorcist is based off of.

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In 1993, a jury decided to use the board to decide if someone on trial for a double murder was innocent or guilty. The night before the jury had to give their decision to the court, they had a few drinks and decided to ask the ouija board how they should vote. It said guilty and they convicted Stephen Young for the double murder of newlyweds. The judge ruled the trial unsafe and ordered a retrial though.

What do you think? Is it all in their heads or can the ouija board really communicate with the dead and evil spirits?


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