5 Ways to Cure Period Pain

5. Say no to sugar and caffeine.


I know it’s hard for us caffeine addicts out there but trust me, you’ll thank me later. What you eat is the very foundation of your health, and as a result it is a crucial aspect of not only preventing but also treating PMS. The higher your sugar and caffeine intake, the more severe your symptoms are likely to be.

4. Make sure you’re getting extra key vitamins and minerals.


Supplements are the best way to makes sure you have enough of the essential nutrients to balance your hormones. Magnesium and vitamin B6 are vital when it comes to controlling mood and behaviour. Your friends and family will thank you.

3. Brew yourself herbs.


Aside from staying away from salty foods and drinking more water, sipping a dandelion tea can ease water retention and bloating.

Dandelion tea is one the best sources of potassium and contains more minerals and vitamins than any other herb, plus, it is also known to support detoxifying process in your body. Not a fan of dandelion? Try chamomile!

2. It’s all about being happy, right?


Despite the agony you may be in, getting up and getting active can actually ease the pain. When you exercise, your body produces happy hormones, aka endorphins. Then you feel happier, calmer and more alert.you reduce stress levels, anxiety and depressionwhich are all common PMS symptoms.

1. Finally.just relax.


Look into ways of helping you cope with stress, such as relocation techniques or meditation.

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