8 Crazy Things Women Used A Birth Control

There are many different types of birth control out there. And now, the spray on condom is on its way to change the way you have sex forever. Contraceptives have come a long way but what did they women of yesteryear do when they needed or wanted to avoid pregnancy? Here are our top 8 crazy things women used as birth control.

1.  Flushing


Lots of women throughout history thought the answer to pregnancy was flushing it all away. Native American women tried steaming sperm out using a special kettle; others have tried seawater, vinegar, lemon juice and other acidic liquids.

As we all know, spermicide isn’t effective at stopping pregnancy once the seed is already inside the vagina, so steaming it never stood a chance

2. Coca cola


Not all crazy birth control methods date back to ancient pre-technology societies In the 1950s, the idea spread that the carbonic acid in Coca-Cola killed sperm, the sugar exploded sperm cells and the carbonation of the drink forced the liquid into the vagina. So it became an after-sex douche: Women would shake up a bottle, insert it and let the soda fly.

3. Brewed Tea with Beaver Testicles


This practice dates back to the 16th century in Canada, when women sought to prevent conception by soaking dried beaver testicles in a concentrated solution of alcohol and then deeply drinking the resulting infuse. There is no record of its effectiveness.

4. Blacksmith water


Those ancient Greeks, always mindful of waste, even found a way to reuse the water that blacksmiths used to cool materials. Some thought drinking it would prevent pregnancy.

5. Animal intestines

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As far back as the 1400s, China and Japan were using lamb intestines, sometimes soaked in milk, as primitive condoms that covered just the head of the penis. But in Japan, some condoms were made of tortoise shell or animal horn, which would likely be significantly less pleasant.

6.Weasel Testicles 

Weasel (Mustela nivalis). ShiQu county, Sichuan, China

This one was straight up for believers in magic. Women in Europe wore amuletsfashioned from weasel testicles, or bone taken from the right side of a black cat, to ward off pregnancy.

7. Mercury


Ancient civilizations thought the mystery metal could heal properties for a variety of ailments Women in ancient China were told that drinking hot mercury would prevent pregnancy. Which is kind of true, since drinking mercury can lead to organ failure and death, so those women definitely wouldn’t be carrying a child anytime soon!

8.Crocodile poop


The ancient Egyptians came up with this method, dating back to 1850 B.C. Women would stick a ball of crocodile dung and honey in themselves, hoping the alkaline qualities would prevent pregnancy.

That’s it for our top 8 crazy pregnancy methods. Do you know any more crazy methods?


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