9 Worst Fashion Trends Ever

There have been many fun and interesting fashion trends around the world. Some of them stuck and some just made us cringe.

Here are the 9 worst fashion trends ever:

1. Meggings.



Trends for male in Fashion World are not much less than woman, an example for this is the “meggings”- male correspondent to leggings which is highly in trend into the lanes of Tokyo, Paris, London and New York. Printed meggings are very popular among the dancers, choreographers, fashion designers and many more such cool professionals.

2. Elf Boots in Mexico.


These boots are long and pointy. They were trending in Mexico with the young generations.

3. Eye Jewelry.


It was a popular trend in the Netherlands Sure, you can paint around them or change their color with contact lenses, etc., but how often do you see some actual, serious fashion being done on the eye itself? A new technique that allows small studs made from precious metals to be inserted into the eye was developed more than 8 years ago in Rotterdam

4. Facekini, China.


Well I guess some trends in fashion around the world are used for protection against harmful rays of sun. The Facekini in China protected beach goers by shielding the face. I guess you don’t have to worry about sun screen

5. Manba, Japan.


Another example of unusual trends is the Manba. It is a craze very common among the young girls of Japan, who normally date men who are style crazy. Manba is a little varied form of the very famous Ganguro culture which basically accentuates strong makeup and dark complexion. Girls following the Manba trend normally coat their complete face with deep and dark brown, with two circular marks of white color around their eyes and silver light colored hair along with wishy-washy makeup and dazzling attire.

6. Eye Tattoos, Canada.


Well this one seems painful. People are going for the eyeball tattoing for enhancing their asthetic appearance BUT also improvement of vision. It is medically prescribed method for the persons with scratch marked eye tissues. There are various methods of tattooing of eye, also various options for the success and medical safety of the procedure exists. Tattooing of eye is practice from approximately thousands of years and is now again in trend in Canada. In this process the dye/ink in inserted in the white portion that is Cornea of the eye using some syringes and injections and designs are made.
7. Bagel Heads, Japan.

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Getting injected a saline into the forehead to get a bagel/doughnut type shape on forehead is not an easy task. Being such a painful job to get such shapes, people of Japan promoted the trend called as “Bagel head”. It is a kind of Body modification technique initiated in Canada and highly encouraged by the Japan’s Fashion World. For this, the person’s forehead is to be injected by a medical 300-400cc saline for about duration of 2 hours, and to change the designs the swelled part is sometimes given a down turn at the center.

8. Chopines.


We thought heels were difficult but this trend takes it to a whole notha level! Popular with Venetians in the 16th and 17th centuries, the shoe attachment was invented to help women walk through muddy streets. However, the practicality of the chopines soon turned to fashion, as being tall signified that you were an important, wealthy person. Sometimes, a lady’s chopines were so high that she needed an attendant to maintain balance.

9. Powdered Wigs.


Many people will recognize the powdered wigs of the Middle Ages, but not many are as familiar with their tie to syphilis. Back then, many of those in the upper and middle classes had the disease, which produced some raunchy symptomatic smells — and not to mention, baldness. To cover the smell, many people wore goat, horse, or human hair wigs called perukes. The wigs were powdered in scents like lavender and orange, to cover the stink coming from down below.

So there you go, those are 9 of the worst fashion trends around the world. Let us know which one you think is the worst


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