12 Amazing Facts About Bangladesh

1. The official name of Bangladesh is the People's Republic of Bangladesh. The word Bangladesh means "Country of Bengal" in the local language.     2. More than half of Bangladesh’s population is composed of farmers.     3. Here is North America and many other parts of the world, we have 4 seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn, and Winter, the worst season... However, Bangladesh is sometimes called “the playground of seasons” because it has six different seasons, which it calls grismo (summer), barsha (rainy), sharat (autumn), hemanto (cool), sheet (winter), and bashonto (spring).     4. Speaking of seasons, Due to Bangladesh being so low lying and tropical, the

Black Friday Vs Singles Day

Did you know that Black Friday (the Friday that follows American Thanksgiving) is the largest single shopping day of the year? Did you also know, that last year China’s Singles Day surpassed Black Friday to become the world’s largest shopping day? November clearly emerges the clear winner as the month of shopping sensations. Suffering from food comas and partly drunk from Thanksgiving feasts, US shoppers descend in bulk and flood their way into shops each year. Well, who can blame them? Aren't we all trying to save some moolah on our Christmas shopping? But China knows what America apparently doesn't. No

Biggest Changes in USA Since Trump Became President

1. So lets start off with the first one. Money! Since October 9th the United States dollar has definitely gone up in relationship to the Canadian dollar. On October 8th, 2016 it was sitting around 1.33 per one American dollar. The next day on October 9th it went up to 1.34 Canadian dollars to 1 american dollar. Currently at least to the recording of this video which was Nov 14th, the dollar sat at 1.358 per Canadian dollar.     2. Since Donald Trump came in to power, several protests have broken out on the streets especially around Washington!!! Some of these have not

12 Awesome Facts About Shahrukh Khan

1. Born in November 2, 1965 (age 51 years) in, New Delhi, India.     2. In 2011, Steven Zeitchik of the Los Angeles Times said, “He is the biggest movie star you’ve never heard of. And perhaps the world’s biggest movie star, period.”His fan base is estimated to number over one billion. We already told you that, but it's a FACT!     3. Starting out in Bollywood for a newbie is a difficult task. But did you know that Shah Rukh signed not one or two but shockingly five films back-to-back in one day before he started out his Bollywood career. 4. Shahrukh Khan's net

10 Crazy Facts About Game of Thrones

1. You may already know this but lets just get down to tax dollars. How much does this show cost? Well Game of Thrones is one of the most expensive if not THE most expensive show on Television. HBO has stated that each episode costs about 6 million dollars. But that's not every episode. Example BlackWater episode from Season 2 cost 8 million dollars. This was for the use of CGI for characters, and the expensive sets.     2. Its not just because of the CGI and the sets that makes the show cost so much. But its because Game of Thrones

12 Shocking Facts About North Korea

1. It is not known as 2016 in North Korea, the country goes by their own calendar. On April 15th 1912, Kim IL Sung, the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s party of North Korea was born and that is now how they measure years. So North Korea is on year 104 this year. Kim IL-Sung is known as the “Forever Leader” even though his heirs have taken his reign as years have gone by.     2. North Korea holds elections every 5 years! And get this, the ballot only has one option on them! So you guessed it, the same man

10 Amazing Facts About Indonesia

1. Now when we are looking at a the map you'll see Indonesia is made up of islands.     Now there has been multiple argument of how many islands there are. Well according to National Coordinating Agency for Survey and Mapping they say Indonesia has 13,466 islands, but that was the most recent data taken from 2007 to 2010. However 2002 National institute of Aeronautics and space agency states there are 18,307. And the CIA world fact-book states there are 17,508. The reason for the discrepancy is because during low tide sandbars appear as islands. But the government of Indonesia says the

How Happy Couples Deal with the Most Common Fights

There are couples out there that you look at and thing to yourself “OMG, they are so perfect…I bet they never fight” well…that just isn't true at all. The truth is, no matter how healthy your relationship is - fighting is a guarantee but there are things that people in a healthy relationship do that are different from people in unhealthy relationships handle those fights. Instead of avoiding the argument, healthy couples handle them in a way that keeps their bond strong. Communication is key. Practice empathy. Look at the whole picture, it can actually help you have a more productive conversation.     If

Gigi Hadid Mocks Melania Trump at the AMAs 2016

The American Music Awards aired last night and though it was a night of celebrating music, statement making outfits and class…it also had a bit of trash…but who doesn’t love trash? I mean, the point of award shows are to get people talking…and people are REALLY talking about this. Gigi Hadid hosted the event alongside Jay Pharaoh, who is a stand up comedian and impressionist, so naturally…they got started impersonating people. Jay Pharoah impersonated Donald Trump and…although no one is really talking about his impression of the President-to-be…everyone however is going after Gigi for her impression of Melania. A lot of articles and

Chinese wedding guests force bride and groom to strip off and have S E.X

Being newly weds is a fun time to celebrate your love for one another. It’s a time to be affectionate together and id assume alone… not for these newlyweds in China. Newlyweds from the country are usually subject to some strange wedding games, from stripping down in front of guests to playing with a banana together. A new video from the Chinese media shows one such game of a couple being forced to have sex as their guests gleefully cheered. At the beginning of the clip a bride and groom sat under a lucky red duvet barely dressed. Red is a lucky color in