Crazy Facts About Ghost In The Shell

1.Ghost In The Shell (攻攻攻攻攻) began as a serialised managa story in 1989 in the Japanese magazine “Young Magazine" 2. Ghost In The Shell was turned into a anime feature film in 1995 and was directed by Mamoru Oshii. The film was highly praised by Western directors, with James Cameron calling it “the first truly adult animation film to reach a level of literary and visual excellence.” 3. The film was highly influential on The Matrix, which ‘borrows’ several key concepts like including the virtual world, how to jack into it, and even some camera shots. 4. Ghost in the Shell was the

12 Real Facts About Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro - the man responsible for ruling Cuba all these years! Now for some people this may be an emotional topic because he recently passed away on November 25 2016. But with this death makes people question what he was really like. Was he really a bad guy or was the American media portraying him as a villian because he just didn't care for the ways of the United States. So lets get talking about Fidl Castro. 1. Fidel Castro was born on his family's sugar plantation in Cuba. This was on August 26 1926. And he lived to be 90 years

10 Surprising Facts About Melanie Martinez #2

1. Melanie Martinez's newest baby-centric music video, “Pacify Her” hit 1 million views within the first 3 and a half hours. Martinez takes entertainment to a whole new level, with a mix of unusual-ism, without over the top shock value. Unusual-ism??? New word. FACT! 2. Her first album named, 'Cry Baby' is also the name of her alter ego. The album debuted at number 6 on the Billboard 200 and was hugely successful. On choosing that name for her album Martinez had A LOT to say: “I knew for a while that I wanted to name my first album Cry Baby.

The Girls Raised by Wolves – News In History

The earliest legend of feral children goes as far back as 771 BC to the historical figures: Romulus and Remus. Who are they? So ancient Rome has a few founding stories. One of them is that Romulus and Remus were twin brothers who established the city of Rome. They were abandoned at birth and raised by a she-wolf and fed by a wood-pecker! Since then, the story of children being raised by wild animals such as wolves, dogs, apes, monkeys and bears - who are more commonly known as feral children has appeared in several stories. For example, Mowgli, from the

Shocking Cases Of People With Horns – News In History

Do you think it's possible for people to grow horns? To the clear answer is no right? But taking a closer look into it, people CAN in fact grow horns! The rare rare condition is known as cutaneous horns (No, this does not mean cute-horns like those fairytale unicorns.) So cutaneous horns or cornu cutaneum which in Latin causes unusual keratinous skin tumors to grow from the head and arms. these growths are made of compacted keratin, the same protein that makes hair and fingernails grow. Doctors suggest having them removed for fear that it might be cancerous, which is believed

The Girl Who Cries Blood Tears – News In History

Their have been several cases in trought history of people, even statues "crying blood." But have you ever wondered if it's actually possible to cry blood? Reddit and other online users have asked- "Can you cry so hard that your tears turn to blood?" "How is it possible for someone to cry tears of blood?" "What does it mean if you cry blood?" Either way, let's just say that If you're tears LOOK LIKE anything other than water you NEED to go to a doctor, NOW! Like don't even read the rest of this article, JUST GO! In 2013, a 20 year

Chilling Story of The Black-Eyed Kids – News In History

So you hear or see a child in distress. What do you do? Like any other person, your first instinct would be to help them right? But what if your encounter was with a child who has coal-black eyes, that sent an icy, shiver down your spine? Some even say that if you let them into your house, they might even kill you. Sightings of black-eyed children or BEK's are often known to take place in deserted areas – abandoned parking lots, quiet woodland areas, etc. But what are they like? They appear to be unusually confident yet shy at the same

The Blackest Baby In The World – News In History

In June 2015, a photograph started circulating on the internet showing the world's darkest baby. Now we know what you're thinking. Why is this even a thing? The color of someone's skin and more so of a child should not be up for debate. However, a photograph of this baby gained so much traction, creating a significant buzz across all social media channels. Take a look at this reddit thread for example. 'Just don't feed it after midnight', 'Train him to be the greatest Ninja Assassin the world has ever known', 'Not fake', 'WTF?'s fake.' Remember the internet always needs something

Chilling Story Of The Silent Twins – News In History

Having a secret language and a twin as your best friend are some things that people dream about cool is that? But for these ‘Silent Twins’, June and Jennifer became fatal. One had to die in order for the other to live. What started out as a pact amongst siblings - June and Jennifer thought it would be fun, as children, to speak to no one other than each other. Born April 11, 1963, in Barbados but raised in the UK the girls were made fun of at school for their heavy Barbadian accents and race - the principal

The Woman You Won’t Believe Actually Exists – News In History

This is not an amazing CG rendering, no photoshop, or optical Illusion. What you are seeing is 100% real? Well Fake real. This is German Model Beshine. She claims she always had a dream, and it has now come true. In her own words, "I'll risk death to have the world's biggest breasts". BEshine currently holds the world record for having the largest augmented breasts. So the chest is fake, but the woman is real. Hard to believe that she was even able to get them to such a mammoth size. 33 year old Beshine, also known as Mayra Hills was