BA Passenger Fined £13 for Filming Up Stewardess’ Skirt

Sexual harassment happens in many different environments and places, it even happens in the air!

A man who took a first class British Airways flight has been fined just £13 after he was caught filming up a stewardessǯs skirt. It was said that he was drunk, turned the light on his camera then pushed it under her uniform when she leaned over to help another customer.




He was arrested in his seat when they landed after the captain radioed ahead to tell police.

This is a 61 year old man and father of two named Martyn Vaughan. He was allowed to go free after being arrested in South Africa following the flight from Heathrow. He was charged with common assault which means that he could take pay an ‘admission of guilt’ fine. So he admitted it and that can now be used as evidence.

They started an investigation but the arresting officer has now vanished. He has been banned from British Airways for life! But do you think there should be more disciplinary action? How much do you think he should have paid? More then 13 pounds? Most people get bigger parking tickets then that!

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