Beyonce’s Most Shady Diva Moments Ever

Beyonce is the Queen Bey of RnB and that is nothing new. Can Beyonce do ANY wrong? Her makeup is always perfect, sois her hair, sois her body and so are her vocals.

She is the definition of confidence…and being flawless. She exudes perfection from the inside out whether it be in her performances oras a lifestyle.

We are talking all things Queen Bey today.

We don’ t get to see Beyonce without her crown on often so it’s a little fun when we see the sass come out, right? Today we’re counting down some of Beyonce’s top diva and sometimes pretty shady moments..

1. Insane tour demands


Some of Beyonce’ s alleged tour demands for the Mrs Carter World Tour…now THIS is the definition of diva:
Hand-carved ice balls to suck on
Freshly painted white walls and a new toilet seat,
Red toilet paper
100% pure cotton clothing for staff
Titanium drinking straws (and these cost roughly around $935) to drink special alkaline water served at 21 degrees
And lastly no junk food anywhere.

2. Destiny’s Child politics


Now, we all know that Beyonce = Destiny and the others in the group were her children aka Destiny’ s Child…ok ok, we’re just joking. But Beyonce was the lead vocalist, for obvious reasons..
And because Beyonce was the lead…do you think she was gonna let anyone else say they’re the second lead?!
Not long after, Destiny’s Child replaced some members…but do you know how those members found out they were replaced? Well, according to them, it was when they saw the new video for ‘ Say My Name’ and uh, they weren’t in it.
Shortly after, Destiny’ s Child remerged with their two new members:
It didn’t take long for the new foursome to turn into a trio.

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3. Moving on to some more Diva antics…Beyonce is not about answering a question more than once so reporters, come prepared…


4.  A diva is the female version of a hustler after all, so when Beyonce was on tour, she made sure that she HUSTLED…that includes no sleep, no food and pretty much being a robot.


5. And lastly, she is extremely particular when it comes to her set and production.



We gotta give it up to Queen Bey though because there is never anything negative about her out in the media and people literally worship the ground she walks on.


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