Shocking Internet Hoaxes Everyone Believed – News In History

The saying goes: “don't believe everything you see on the internet” whether it’s aliens spotted or your favourite celebrity dying....always do a source check! Here are 6 of the most shocking internet hoaxes that people ACTUALLY believed. 7. In the late 2000’s, there was a site called that featured Bonsai Kittens which featured pictures of kittens in jars and instructions for how to create a bonsai kitten - it was supposedly a “lost art” where kittens would grow into various shapes depending on the constricting vessels that they were made to live in.   6. Remember when people wanted so desperately to charge

Most Unusual Pregnancies Ever – News In History

Some would argue that the best blessing in life is getting pregnant but on this episode of News in History - we are going to count down six of the craziest, most shocking pregnancies ever. 6. The youngest mother ever is reported to be a five-year-old girl in Peru named Lina Medina. She gave birth to a baby boy by C-section in 1939.     Her father took her to the hospital with an abnormal growth in her abdomen and tests found that she was seven months pregnant. Her father was arrested for incest and the baby did actually survive. According to her medical

5 Foods that Actually Make You Hungrier

There’s nothing worse than eating, finishing your food and then feeling hungry an hour later. If you’re reaching for foods without fat, fiber and protein…you will likely be searching for your next meal in no time. Here are 5 foods that actually make you hungrier: Whole-wheat bread might be high in fiber but it’s also more processed than single-ingredient whole grains like oats and quinoa and has no fat or protein. If your choice is toast, swap out the jam for something packed with healthy fats like nut butter, eggs or avocado.     Green smoothies are a fruit trap. They’re low in calories, high in

Which Body Type Do Men REALLY Prefer?

The question all women are dying to know…which body type do mean REALLY prefer? Just kidding, we don’t really care but it’s fun to know anyway, right? 10 willing men and 3 women were part of this experiment. We know women come in all shapes and sizes but this experiment works with three body types: The Kim K type curves, the slim fashion model type and the athletic body type. 10 men were fitted with sophisticated eye-tracking devices to see who exactly they looked at the longest over a 30-second period. The men all had different reasons of why they looked at one over

9 Cancer Causing Foods You Eat Every Day

We all should pay a little more attention to the things that we consume and find out more about the things we are exposing our bodies to...though enjoyable, certain foods and beverages can really be causing a lot of damage to our insides. With that being said: Here are 15 cancer causing foods you probably eat every day: 9. Soda. This isn’t new information but sodas are loaded with sugar and empty calories that can be very detrimental to your health. In addition to being linked with weight gain, inflammation and insulin resistance, this caffeinated beverage can lead to gastro-esophageal reflux disease which

How Happy Couples Deal with the Most Common Fights

There are couples out there that you look at and thing to yourself “OMG, they are so perfect…I bet they never fight” well…that just isn't true at all. The truth is, no matter how healthy your relationship is - fighting is a guarantee but there are things that people in a healthy relationship do that are different from people in unhealthy relationships handle those fights. Instead of avoiding the argument, healthy couples handle them in a way that keeps their bond strong. Communication is key. Practice empathy. Look at the whole picture, it can actually help you have a more productive conversation.     If

What Happens To Your Body When You Skip Meals?

It happens. Sometimes we just don’t have the time to eat EVERY meal. Sometimes we only have enough time to grab a smoothie or a quick snack so we don't feel like we’re starving. Maybe you woke up late and only have enough time to get ready and grab a coffee…maybe you were swamped with work and decided to just skip lunch. Or it could be deeper, a little diet maybe?…cut a few calories here and there…well, that one-time choice could spiral into a really bad habit that could hurt you. Either way…here are 6 scary things that happen to your body

10 Fashion Problems Plus Sized Women Have

1. Chub rub. It is the chapping that happens when your legs stick and rub together. Chub rub is torture!     2. Your Jeans rub together and holes begin to form. That’s the worst! Because of this, your jeans can wear out in a matter of month no matter how strong they are.     3. Those curvaceous calves make it difficult. Trying on thigh high boots or socks? Forget about it. You have to do some searching to find some decent options for those thigh high options.     4. People are always telling you what to wear and giving their opinion on whether that outfit works

9 Worst Fashion Trends Ever

There have been many fun and interesting fashion trends around the world. Some of them stuck and some just made us cringe. Here are the 9 worst fashion trends ever: 1. Meggings.   Trends for male in Fashion World are not much less than woman, an example for this is the “meggings"- male correspondent to leggings which is highly in trend into the lanes of Tokyo, Paris, London and New York. Printed meggings are very popular among the dancers, choreographers, fashion designers and many more such cool professionals. 2. Elf Boots in Mexico. These boots are long and pointy. They were trending in Mexico with the

12 Reasons Kylie Jenner is the Next Kim Kardashian

When it comes to sibling rivalry - there is none better than that between the Kardashian sisters. Specifically, Kim and youngest half-sister, Kylie Jenner. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Here we can see a young Kylie trying to be more like Kim. Then, a few years after that, if you’re a Keeping Up with the Kardashians fan - you would know that Kylie went through a phase where she would actually help herself to items in Kim’s closet, without big sis knowing of course. This episode aired in 2013, where Kim actually caught Kylie wearing an entire outfit of Kim’s from