5 Foods that Actually Make You Hungrier

There’s nothing worse than eating, finishing your food and then feeling hungry an hour later. If you’re reaching for foods without fat, fiber and protein…you will likely be searching for your next meal in no time. Here are 5 foods that actually make you hungrier: Whole-wheat bread might be high in fiber but it’s also more processed than single-ingredient whole grains like oats and quinoa and has no fat or protein. If your choice is toast, swap out the jam for something packed with healthy fats like nut butter, eggs or avocado.     Green smoothies are a fruit trap. They’re low in calories, high in

Which Body Type Do Men REALLY Prefer?

The question all women are dying to know…which body type do mean REALLY prefer? Just kidding, we don’t really care but it’s fun to know anyway, right? 10 willing men and 3 women were part of this experiment. We know women come in all shapes and sizes but this experiment works with three body types: The Kim K type curves, the slim fashion model type and the athletic body type. 10 men were fitted with sophisticated eye-tracking devices to see who exactly they looked at the longest over a 30-second period. The men all had different reasons of why they looked at one over

9 Cancer Causing Foods You Eat Every Day

We all should pay a little more attention to the things that we consume and find out more about the things we are exposing our bodies to...though enjoyable, certain foods and beverages can really be causing a lot of damage to our insides. With that being said: Here are 15 cancer causing foods you probably eat every day: 9. Soda. This isn’t new information but sodas are loaded with sugar and empty calories that can be very detrimental to your health. In addition to being linked with weight gain, inflammation and insulin resistance, this caffeinated beverage can lead to gastro-esophageal reflux disease which

BA Passenger Fined £13 for Filming Up Stewardess’ Skirt

Sexual harassment happens in many different environments and places, it even happens in the air! A man who took a first class British Airways flight has been fined just £13 after he was caught filming up a stewardessǯs skirt. It was said that he was drunk, turned the light on his camera then pushed it under her uniform when she leaned over to help another customer.     He was arrested in his seat when they landed after the captain radioed ahead to tell police. This is a 61 year old man and father of two named Martyn Vaughan. He was allowed to go free

Teacher Who Got Pregnant By 13 Yr Old Student Faces Prison Time

An English teacher in Texas is facing up to 30 years in prison on charges of aggravated sexual assault after becoming impregnated by her 13-year-old student. 24-year-old Alexandria Vera and her student had an ongoing relationship over a period of nine months where they had sex onan almost daily basis which she confessed to police. She was teaching eighth grade English and the two met at summer school in 2015 before exchanging numbers. She would pick him up from his home and they would drive around which is where they first kissed. The following day she went back to his home, while

Man Digs His Own Grave Before He Passes Away – Jimmy Kickham

Usually when someone is making a bad decision, you’re compelled to tell them that they’re digging their own grave. Except...this guy...he actually dug his own grave. Literally. 89-year-old Canadian Jimmy Kickham said that when he hits 90 years old, he would dig his own grave and with his birthday around the corner...he had to get to it. He's been a construction worker all his life and owns a construction company for more than half a century and has also dug dozens of graves.     Jimmy got all of his measurements from the undertaker and paid a visit to his priest and then got to

Kanye West Handcuffed & Hospitalized for Psychiatric Evaluation

Kanye has had some crazy moments in the past, from jumping on stage saying Taylor Swift shouldn’t have won best artist, to making a speech about how in 2020 he will be running for president. This time Kanye has actually been taken to UCLA Medical Center for psychiatric evaluation. So this might be a little more serious. Let us know what you think in the comments below. According to law enforcement sources, the cops responded to a call for a welfare check on Kanye. He was at his trainer Harley Pasternak’s home at the time and was apparently acting erratically. A source close to the star that “he's spiraling further and

How Happy Couples Deal with the Most Common Fights

There are couples out there that you look at and thing to yourself “OMG, they are so perfect…I bet they never fight” well…that just isn't true at all. The truth is, no matter how healthy your relationship is - fighting is a guarantee but there are things that people in a healthy relationship do that are different from people in unhealthy relationships handle those fights. Instead of avoiding the argument, healthy couples handle them in a way that keeps their bond strong. Communication is key. Practice empathy. Look at the whole picture, it can actually help you have a more productive conversation.     If

Gigi Hadid Mocks Melania Trump at the AMAs 2016

The American Music Awards aired last night and though it was a night of celebrating music, statement making outfits and class…it also had a bit of trash…but who doesn’t love trash? I mean, the point of award shows are to get people talking…and people are REALLY talking about this. Gigi Hadid hosted the event alongside Jay Pharaoh, who is a stand up comedian and impressionist, so naturally…they got started impersonating people. Jay Pharoah impersonated Donald Trump and…although no one is really talking about his impression of the President-to-be…everyone however is going after Gigi for her impression of Melania. A lot of articles and

Chinese wedding guests force bride and groom to strip off and have S E.X

Being newly weds is a fun time to celebrate your love for one another. It’s a time to be affectionate together and id assume alone… not for these newlyweds in China. Newlyweds from the country are usually subject to some strange wedding games, from stripping down in front of guests to playing with a banana together. A new video from the Chinese media shows one such game of a couple being forced to have sex as their guests gleefully cheered. At the beginning of the clip a bride and groom sat under a lucky red duvet barely dressed. Red is a lucky color in