12 Reasons Kylie Jenner is the Next Kim Kardashian

When it comes to sibling rivalry - there is none better than that between the Kardashian sisters. Specifically, Kim and youngest half-sister, Kylie Jenner. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Here we can see a young Kylie trying to be more like Kim. Then, a few years after that, if you’re a Keeping Up with the Kardashians fan - you would know that Kylie went through a phase where she would actually help herself to items in Kim’s closet, without big sis knowing of course. This episode aired in 2013, where Kim actually caught Kylie wearing an entire outfit of Kim’s from

TOP 12 Shocking But Sexy Halloween Costumes – 2016

Now ladies, I get it, we like to look sexy but I think some of these costumes are little toooooooo sexy for a night out on the town. What ever happened to being scary? These are 12 sexiest yet most shocking  Halloween costumes this year. 12. Bambi… 11. Minnie Mouse 10. Mr…..or Mrs? Peanut   9. Chucky 8. Wolverine 7. Ronald McDonald 6. Jiminy Cricket 5. Oscar the Grouch 4. Burt and Ernie 3. Bacon 2. Corn on the Cob 1. A Banana

TOP 12 Best Makeup Tutorials for Halloween

I have compiled a list of the top 12 YouTubers for the BEST Halloween makeup ideas. Some of these you can try yourself, some you may need the help of a talented artist and some are to just look at and daydream you had the skills to do something like it! 12. Sonjdradeluxe I have a slight girl crush on Sonjdradeluxe - she is so dope. I am so envious of her everyday makeup looks and holiday looks…I wish I had her skills! I couldn’t not include her on this list because she makes it look sooooo easy. 11. Kandee Johnson I’ve always been

12 Reasons Why The Kardashians STAY Famous

The Kardashians. Either you love ‘em or you hate ‘em or you love to hate ‘em, hate to love ‘em…either way…they are EVERYWHERE and dominating. But how are the Kardashians famous and how have they STAYED famous all this time? Yes, I know, Kim was Paris Hilton’s assistant and had a sex tape. She was a “nobody” with a sex tape with another “nobody”…who was Ray J even? He maybe had one or two hit songs but all in all…he was just Brandy’s brother back then…and still now. He only becomes relevant when attached to the Kardashian name…sorry not sorry. So how did

Beyonce’s Most Shady Diva Moments Ever

Beyonce is the Queen Bey of RnB and that is nothing new. Can Beyonce do ANY wrong? Her makeup is always perfect, sois her hair, sois her body and so are her vocals. She is the definition of confidence...and being flawless. She exudes perfection from the inside out whether it be in her performances oras a lifestyle. We are talking all things Queen Bey today. We don’ t get to see Beyonce without her crown on often so it’s a little fun when we see the sass come out, right? Today we're counting down some of Beyonce’s top diva and sometimes pretty shady

12 Most Cringey Ariana Grande Moments

We all know that Ariana Grande is arguably one of the biggest pop stars of our generation but as her fame grew, so have rumours of rude and bizarre diva behaviour that just makes us cringe. 12. Licking Donuts This has to be the most bizarre thing anyone had ever seen. Maybe she was just going through a rebellious phase with this new boyfriend? Making out and licking donuts...doing what young people do? We have no clue! 11. Her role in a (Disney show) Next up, if you’re a die-hard Ariana Grande fan you may know that she began her career acting on the

12 Shocking But Sexy Halloween Costumes – 2016

1. Bambi 2. Minnie Mouse 3. Mr.....or Mrs? Peanut 4. Chucky 5. Wolverine 6. Ronald McDonald. 7. Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio 8. The grumpy monster in Sesame Street Oscar the Grouch 9. Continuing with the Sesame Street theme...bet you never thought Burt and Ernie were sexy, huh?! 10. Next up...Bacon 11. Moving on with more sexy foods....corn on the cob 12. and a banana...