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So you hear or see a child in distress. What do you do? Like any other person, your first instinct would be to help them right? But what if your encounter was with a child who has coal-black eyes, that sent an icy, shiver down your spine?

Some even say that if you let them into your house, they might even kill you.


Sightings of black-eyed children or BEK’s are often known to take place in deserted areas – abandoned parking lots, quiet woodland areas, etc. But what are they like? They appear to be unusually confident yet shy at the same time and avoid looking into your eyes but have mannerisms and a way of talking farbeyond their apparent age.


The interesting thing is that often people will agree to their requests despite their instincts warning them not to.

Lee Brickley, is a British freelance author and journalist who’s become famous for running a website onparanormal investigations. Brickley’s Demonic Black-Eyed children blog claims that:

“Demonic children are the brood of upper-level evil forces.”

“Though they appear as normal humans, they are actually the purest forms of evil and extremely dangerous for humans as their power grows stronger when they appear tender aged.”


People often write to Brickley with their personal sightings of black-eyed children especially because his aunt claimed to have encountered one in 1982. Now Lee Brickley has two possible theories on thesesightings. The Black Eyed Child is linked to Cornovii, a Celtic tribe known for its blood sacrifices. Theother is that “ we are dealing with some kind of mass hallucinations.”

He goes on to say that at one point “there were all kinds of weird, covert military stuff going on here. Could something left behind have caused all these sightings?”

Yes, blame it all on the government right!!!

Cannock Chase, Straffordshire is infamous for not only several black-eyed children sightings but has also received attention for having UFO crashes, werewolves, Bigfoot and many other supernatural occurrences. And yet, as of the 2011 census, it continues to have a population of just over 29,000 people. It’s hard to imagine why the town hasn’t been completely abandoned yet.


Anyway, urban legends beginning in the later part of the 1900s tell of the ghost children with pure black eyes have been allegedly roaming around the forests and countryside of Cannock Chase either hitchhiking or begging for money. However, there is some historical context as to why Cannock Chase is reaping the benefits of having oh-so-many sightings of black-eyed children in such a geographically condensed area.

In the 1960s, a number of gruesome murders took place in and around Cannock Chase. Margaret Reynolds – a 6-year old went missing in 1965. 3 months later, Diane Tift, only 5 at the time went missing. Their bodies when found a month later had been stripped and pressed to the ground. In 1966, a10-year old girl, Jane Taylor went missing and a year later 7-year old Christine Darby couldn’t be found.

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A man named Raymond Leslie Morris was found guilty for the murder and abduction of Christine Darby but because there wasn’t enough evidence to pin the other murders on him, Morris didn’t get charged with the rest.

However, ever since the murders took place, people started spotting the spirits of young girls roaming through the forests of Cannock Chase. Fast forward now, on September 2014, the Daily Star published three national newspaper front pages claiming that the phenomenon had started up again after 30 years and that residents living near to Cannock Chase were moving homes to avoid seeing the ghost of the little girl.

Immediately after the Daily Star report came out, Straffordshire locals were seen sharing their feelings on their Twitter accounts.


Now another publication, the Daily Edge decided to add more fuel to the fire. They claimed there’s a pub called The Four Crosses which was on the market for 325,000 British pounds (with 10 bedrooms, bar and restaurant) but nobody wanted to buy it, because people thought it was haunted by various spirits including that of a black-eyed girl. And yes, this pub is located near Cannock Chase.

Another supposed origin of the legend is from some 1998 postings by a reporter from Texas, Brian Bethel who describes encountering two of these children in Texas back in 1966. Two children walked up to his car asking for a ride. He decided to give them a ride, and just when he opened the car door, hesaw that both boys stared at him with coal-black eyes.


He quickly changed his mind and drove away as fast as he could.When he looked into his rear view mirror, the boys were nowhere in site. Even if they’d run off, there wasn’t anywhere that they could have hidden so quickly.

Brian Bethel wrote the story so he wouldn’t lose his mind and shared it with some friends and the story just exploded on the internet. In fact, he was responsible for coining the acronym, BEK’s. To keep up with demand for more information about this urban legend Bethel often does TV appearances and writes follow-up articles.

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