Chinese Woman Selling Her Body To Pay For Mom’s Cancer Treatment

A daughter’s love for her mother becomes a terrifying bid when she decides to sell her body to save her mother’s life.

19-year-old Cao Mengyuan is so desperate for money that she posted an advertisement online to sell herself in order to raise money for her mother’s cancer treatment.

The eldest of five siblings said whoever offered her the highest price would win the right to ‘use her body at will’ – the cancer treatment would cost around $51,000.

In her post, she also included that she was born and raised in a rural household in Gaozhou city of southern China, her mother is 45 years old and had been a farmer all her life and is now suffering and has been diagnosed with skin cancer and has been in hospital for almost a week and her health is deteriorating.

She is hoping that a kind-hearted person would buy her so her mother can undergo the operation that she nor her family can afford on their own.


Luckily, someone has come forward and they don’t want Cao’s body.

The founder of a Chinese charity called Gong Yi Pai Ke which is a nonprofit organization that helps connect donors with people in need of medical funds and tuition fees visited Cao and her mother at the Gaozhou People’s Hospital on November 6th and said that a quote on quote “generous boss” had agreed to pay all the medical bills for Cao’s mother after seeing her post.


The charity founder declined to reveal what the man intended to do with Cao but he did say “it has been settled. she doesn’t have to sell anything now”

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