Gigi Hadid Mocks Melania Trump at the AMAs 2016

The American Music Awards aired last night and though it was a night of celebrating music, statement making outfits and class…it also had a bit of trash…but who doesn’t love trash? I mean, the point of award shows are to get people talking…and people are REALLY talking about this.

Gigi Hadid hosted the event alongside Jay Pharaoh, who is a stand up comedian and impressionist, so naturally…they got started impersonating people.


Jay Pharoah impersonated Donald Trump and…although no one is really talking about his impression of the President-to-be…everyone however is going after Gigi for her impression of Melania.

A lot of articles and tweets suggest, or flat out say, that Gigi’s impression was racist – do you think this was racist?


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