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She may be known as ‘wolf girl’, but being the world’s hairiest female is not going to stop 12-year-old Supatra Sasuphan—the pre-teen, whose face and body is covered with hair caused by a rare genetic condition affecting only 50 people globally. In her home land in bangkok she faced nonstop bullying at school, Supatra has refused to let the condition ruin her chances at a great life. As a world record holder and all around awesome human being, she is now one of the most popular girls in school.




Supatra works hard, is one of the top students in her class, and even has ambitions to become a doctor so she can help the sick.

It’s a good, good thing because before her condition was fully understood, sufferers of Ambras Syndrome, caused by a faulty chromosome and discovered during the Middle Ages, were often persecuted for being werewolves.

But while most sufferers have been shunned, Supatra has been embraced by her community, and become a leader, as well as a role model.




Still, when the young parents first brought Supatra home, they faced enormous social stigma, with neighbors asking what kind of sin they had committed. They were very worried about what she would become with other children teasing her, but Supatra’s sweet nature quickly won people over in her community.

Now, with many friends, she gets along well with others and is “very generous.” Again, her parents insist she’s just the same as any other kid her age except her teeth grow more slowly (not very wolfy—if you ask me), and she can’t see very well. While doctors attempted to remove the hair with laser treatment when she was two-years-old, despite numerous sessions, it kept growing back as thickly as before. Now, as she approaches her teens, it has become increasingly thicker, but she’s not going to let a really bad hair day (or life) stop her from achieving her dream.

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