How Many Babies Can A Woman Have In A Lifetime?

16 pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets, and four sets of quadruplets, over 27 separate labours. Grand total? 69 children. How many kids is too many for you? Comment down below and let us know your magic number!

In the 18th century, Russian peasant Feodor Vassilyev first name, whose name is lost to history, holds the world record for bearing the most children. Her 69 children were born between 1725 and 1765. Is it even possible to birth over 60 children? The quick answer is yes. If you take model science into account, a woman could, in theory, give birth to more children than we ever thought possible. Considering the mathematics of the Vassilyev report – would she have had time for 27 pregnancies in the 40 year span? Again, the quick answer is yes. Especially if you take into account the fact that triplets and quadruplets are usually birthed after shorter-than-average terms. So technically, she would have been pregnant for 18 years out of the 40 years.



Women typically release a single egg every 28 days and ovulation continues until the egg supply isexhausted at menopause, which is usually around 51 years of age. As women get older, egg quantity and quality diminish. The likelihood of having a baby in a woman’s mid 40’s is about 1% per month. So Feodor and his wife, would have been extremely lucky or maybe unlucky to continue getting pregnant well into her 50’s.

Labour though is what possibly undermines the credibility of Vassilyev’s 69 children claim. Carrying and delivering a child is an incredibly difficult task and is made even harder with age – pregnancy is the most physically rigorous thing a woman’s body ever goes through. PLUS hundreds of years ago, they didn’t have the medical advances or medications we have now to make it a little easier. There are so many complications to take into consideration. For Mrs Vassilyev to have survived 27 labours is very hard to believe – there are very serious risks and deadly complications, such as hemorrhaging, THAT skyrockets with multiple births such as quads. Back then…every pregnancy was a complication, even just giving birth to one child.

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Then there’s the claim of THAT many sets of twins – 16 sets of twins…triplets and quadruplets…overall, these vents are rare in general so the odds of Mrs Vassilyev to have somehow conceived and then survived pushing out 16 twins alone seems beyond astronomical. Another red flag – is that supposedly 67 of those 69 children survived infancy. Infant mortality was high in the 18th century for full-term single children – even today, if you had four sets of quads, I’m not sure they would all survive. In this day and age – fertility drugs could be used to induce ovarian hyper stimulation with the potential of women to become pregnant with twins or more.

After all, males produce millions of sperm daily throughout their lives – meaning they have basically no limit of how many children could father. For example, the conqueror Genghis Khan likely fathered hundreds of children across his continent of Asian spanning empire approximately 800 years ago; genetic evidence implies that about 16 million people alive today are descended from him. Male fertility doesn’t really have a limit and women’s doesn’t either.




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