How To Dress Sexy When Its Cold Outside

Trying to look sexy when you have to wear a lot of layers can seem pretty tricky but its possible.
Here are some ways to dress sexy when the frigid weather comes:

Tights: Its too cold for bare legs so the first thing to do is wear tights. Tights are a girl’s best friend in the winter.

One of the only differences in summer verses winter sexy looks in the wardrobe is tights and maybe high boots.
So you can slip on some fishnets in the fall and then as winter approaches, its time for full-on tights.
You can essentially wear anything you would wear in the summer – short shorts, baby doll dresses, mini dresses, or tiny skirts
And just throw on a pair of tights

Over the Knee Boots:



Another sexy piece for the cold weather when you want to wear a cute short dress is a nice pair of over the knee boots
It doesn’t matter if the boots are leather or suede, as long as they go past the knee and have a bit of a cheeky heel.

Leotards: To go with a sexy look in the cold, its all about the leotards. its just like wearing long underwear. They will keep you warm and trap in heat
To keep you even warmer, get yourself some leotards with some long sleeves.


Now if your head is cold, throw on a beanie and pair it with a mini skirt. Its a chic Winona Ryder in the 90s kinda look which is hot!

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Blanket Scarf: If you are showing a bit of skin then bring along a blanket scarf to cover you from getting shivers.
You can do that sexy thing where you artfully drape the fabric over you body, all the right parts still in plain view while your arms are ~toasty~ and covered


Long Sleeved Crop Top:


One last tip is the long sleeve crop top.
You can still get away with wearing a crop top in the winter. Exposing the midriff and still have your arms covered is brilliant. its just about balance
With these wardrobe choices you can still look sexy when its cold outside.

What cold-weather dressing tricks do you have up your sleeve? Let us know in the comments below.


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