How To Stop Any Baby From Crying In Seconds

There is one things all babies do. Well more than one but just 1 annoying thing that they do that plagues our listening ears: they cry. Some new borns even cry up to 2 hours. Babies cry to communicate hunger, pain, fear, tiredness, and some just cry for fun… I’m speaking from experience….

Dr. Robert C. Hamilton, of Santa Monica, Calif., explains how ‘The Hold’ stops a baby from crying in just seconds. In two separate scenarios, Hamilton picks up the crying patient by pulling the right arm close to the chest, and then the left arm across the chest, as he gently holds the arms, and bottom, rocking the baby up and down.

Hamilton suggests holding the baby at a 45-degree angle to avoid the baby tilting its head back. The baby should be held with the fleshy part of your dominant hand, not with your fingertips. The fingertips from the other hand should support the baby’s chin, so the head is lifted.

Generally by doing The Hold, the baby does quiet down. However, if the baby does not, there are two things that could be wrong. The baby could either be ill or hungry.

There’s your FTD Fast Facts. Now you know how to stop that baby from crying in seconds. You should add that skill to your resume because that’s gold!

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