Makeup Artist Makes Women Look 10 Years Younger

For a lot of women, we want to look younger and transform ourselves so that the eye bags and wrinkles are gone.
If only there was a fountain of youth or something to make us look years younger right?

Well Make Up Artist Anar Agakishiev is known for his incredible make up transformations.
He is making women’s faces look decades younger!
He is famed for his ability to use make up to banish those wrinkles and dark circles from his clients’ complexions
Since first making headlines in August, Mr Agakishiev, from Georgia, has shared snaps of his most impressive make up transformations yet.


These photos will make your jaws drop, especially ‘Miss October’ where he was able to erase all of his client’s wrinkles and fine lines.
If you think these are photoshopped then he would say, you are mistaken.
The transformations began when he did make up for a friend in her 60s before a wedding and then was inspired to do 12 other transformations, one for each month
Each one takes around two hours.


And he always looks for a challenge and make each woman look at least 10 years younger.
He also do makeup for younger women as well which are equally as impressive as his older clients.

From a young age, he had a passion for beauty. He was encouraged to study medicine but soon left university to pursue his dreams in the beauty industry
His clientele includes famous singers and Eurovision contestants.

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His transformations really blow you away and the women are barely recognizable looking decades younger.


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