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Has your same ole day out diet left you cranky? Juicing fruits and veggies got you down? Why not try the next diet trend… Dirt? One Indian villager did and has taken it to the extreme! Ok don’t actually try it, don’t want people be like “Honey OMG! Why are you eating the earth?

Addicted to eating bricks, gravel and mud, Pakkirappa Hunagundi, downed over 6 and a half pounds of dirt, rocks and debris per day! Pakkirappa first developed this apetite as a child. Since the age of 10, he has made meals of walls, stones and streets in his village, claiming it’s delicious and he feels good!




Villagers who have known him since his youth confirm that the young man, now age 30, has always eaten mud and stones. While most people would be in pain at the very idea of eating even the tiniest rock, the villagers readily admitted that Pakkirappa ate bricks everyday with so much ease and enjoyment it blew their minds…

As the bizarre tale of his dirt diet spread throughout India and the world, Pakkirappa found himself flooded with people wanting to watch him eat dirt. Indeed, he often went round to neighboring fields– eating mud and gravel. He also ate hot charcoal as well for a snack. As a result, he has become pretty much a celebrity.




Over the years, family and friends have tried to convince him on many occasions to eat real food, but he has always refused. Working as a day laborer, Pakkirappa struggled to make ends meet, but now he plans to travel the world to showcase his unique “talent”. As his father died several years ago, the brick eater says he feels a responsibility to take care of his mother.

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