Man Digs His Own Grave Before He Passes Away – Jimmy Kickham

Usually when someone is making a bad decision, you’re compelled to tell them that they’re digging their own grave. Except…this guy…he actually dug his own grave. Literally.

89-year-old Canadian Jimmy Kickham said that when he hits 90 years old, he would dig his own grave and with his birthday around the corner…he had to get to it.

He’s been a construction worker all his life and owns a construction company for more than half a century and has also dug dozens of graves.




Jimmy got all of his measurements from the undertaker and paid a visit to his priest and then got to work.

The five foot deep hole has a pine box in it right now and it’s covered with soil until it’s ready to be used.

Jimmy feels that it’s one less thing for his family to do when he passes. He says, “they’ll know it’s already done for me so they wont have to worry. Just a matter of taking the top off, opening it up and that’s it.”

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