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SO… MOST OF US would like to believe we’re not crazy vain and superficial, right? Check out this story of Donnie Fritts… a carpenter who was left with a gigantic hole in his face after surgery to remove an aggressive tumor.

Diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2003, Donnie was told he would have to make a choice – his face or his life. He opted for surgery to remove the ameloblastic carcinoma, along with much of his face.




The 12-hour surgery was successful, but left Donnie without a nose, an upper lip or a roof of his mouth. Part of his forehead was even removed!! He was lucky, he could still even see!

The whole thing started when the father-of-three, noticed unusual pains in his teeth as he was sitting down to his favorite dinner of steak and fries. He told his wife Sharon it felt like his teeth were coming loose. The next day, Donnie saw a doctor who thought it was simply a sinus infection and prescribed antibiotics. Oh Doctors some times. “Oh it’s just a paper cut, you’ll be fine”. “No Doctor, it’s a bullet wound”… “Oh”




Despite the increasing pain and his teeth growing looser every day, 14 more doctors gave Donnie the exact same diagnosis! It was only after an incident in the spring of 2003 when he collapsed from the pain, that the poor guy was sent to a specialist who revealed what was really wrong.

At one point, Donnie considered letting the cancer run its course, but his wife refused to give up, telling him that she would help him through it, and love him no matter what. In Sharon’s own words: ‘I meant my vows when I said them. I love Donnie unconditionally and can’t imagine a life without him.’

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In 2011, when Donnie finally got a prosthetic face, he was later diagnosed with a deadly infection and had to stop using it.

To this day, Sharon insists Donnie is an amazing man who has kept his sense of humor throughout everything. She still sees the handsome guy she married. For Donnie’s part, he thinks Sharon deserves a trophy the size of their house. Moral of the story: these two really dig each other—so only marry someone you’d love even if they had huge a hole in their head


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