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We all know that human beings are capable of surviving all kinds of traumatic injuries. From falling from 25ft in the air to major car crashes so it’s not uncommon to hear about someone surviving a terrible accident but walking away with broken bones or deep scrapes that heal and disappear but in the case of this man, Carlos Rodrigues, he walked away with an injury that’s impossible to not notice.

Carlos Rodriguez or ‘Halfy’ became famous in 2010 after he was arrested in Miami for allegedly soliciting prostitution and his mugshot was released in a section of the Miami New Times called “Mugshots Friday”showing his missing forehead and sunken skull.




Carlos was only 14 when he got in the accident. He released a YouTube video talkingabout how he got into the accident and warning others about taking drugs.

He lost a large portion of his brain in the crash after flying through the windshield ofa car he was driving and landing head-first on the road.

He said:

“I was on drugs, I was driving, and I hit a pole, and I flew out from the window and landed on my head. That’s why it’s no good, drinking and driving or drugness and driving. No good, kids. No good.”

He said that he, his friend and his cousin stole the car and they were just going too fast.

Doctors were forced to cut away large amounts of flesh and bone to help Carlos survive.

In his video, he sends a very serious message out to people to stay away from narcotics but admits to still smoking a lot of drugs – mainly marijuana.




Carlos Rodrigues isn’t the only person to survive after severe head injuries that left people with “half a head”…

Ben Maycock, a British teenager at the time, was lucky to be alive after being attacked with a hammer in 2010. Ben was left minutes from death after an unprovoked attack – and he was in a coma for three weeks.

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After doctors removed huge chunks of his head, they didn’t believe he would survive…but he did. He was initially paralyzed but began to walk again with the helpof botox injections.




Steve Gator, who was 26 at the time, was attacked and beaten while walking home from work – he however, was one of the unlucky ones, he now suffers from seizure and memory loss that leave him unable to work. In his case, two teenagers were initially charged with causing him grievous bodily harm but prosecutors later dropped the case.- they said there were conflicting statements from eyewitnesses that implied that both teenagers may have acted in self defense.

Another man by the name of Alan Hind, who was 28 at the time, fell 25ft as he was working on a roof. He suffered extensive skull fractures, a broken jaw, a severed optic nerve that left him blind in one eye and permanent brain damage….also, left with half a head. He suffers from memory loss but has flashbacks.




How someone can survive after losing half or more of their brains and still be able to live a pretty normal life, is what some of you may be wondering.

Well thanks to Neuroplasticity it’s very possible. Think of it as the brain’s way of adapting itself to meet your needs, the brain is able to assign new functions to brainregions. Regions that weren’t originally involved in the function of the lost part of the brain will now adopt that particular function.

The brain is very flexible, it is constantly adapting. But just because the brain can do this, doesn’t mean you should go out and do dumb things, just putting it out there…. Don’t do drugs is a cliché we have been hearing since history even began, but might as take care of it. Give it some TLC, some love and affection


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