Meet The 15-Year-Old Amputee Ballerina – Gabi Shull

If you need to feel inspired – you’re in the right place right now for this story.

15-year-old Gabi Shull bypassed all odds after she had part of her leg amputated after going through Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer that affected her knee. Thanks to a revolutionary surgery, doctors were able to reattach her foot, which has allowed Gabi to use a prosthetic leg in new ways and continue her dance career. When Gabi was 9-years-old, she fell while ice-skating and injured her knee – after weeks of it not healing and swelling and bruising, she went to the hospital for x-rays and that’s when doctors found cancer in her knee. As a dancer, her number one concern was not being able to dance again but doctors recommended an uncommon solution. After removing her knee joint, surgeons rotated her foot a full 180 degrees and rejoined it to her leg allowing it to function like a knee. When Gabi points her foot, the prosthetic is straight, and when she flexes her foot, her prosthetic leg bends. Since her surgery – Gabi is dancing like she never stopped. She’s dances competitively in all types of dance and is also the national spokesperson for The Truth 265, a cancer awareness organization for kids.

Take a page out of Gabi’s book – don’t let life get you down! Keep on dancing!


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