Mom Filmed Punching & Slapping Baby To Make It Stop Crying

Footage has surfaced of a mom hitting her child in the head as the baby laid on the sofa crying. It appears that these hits aren’t light and could cause some serious brain injury or even death.


Police are now investigating the video.

The scary part is that this video was filmed by an unnamed 8 year old girl in August and has just been released online this week.

Are you thinking the same thing as us? Is that child okay today!?

The video was filmed in South Kazakhstan in the city of Almaty.

Earlier in the year, a horrific viral video emerged of a woman torturing her little girl was made public by the child’s father to force police to act.

The chilling footage was filmed in north-eastern Kazakhstan in the city of Pavlodar on the mobile phone of the mother, identified as 34-year-old Nurgul, who apparently took the video to try and blackmail the father to get more money from him.



The distraught dad said: “I went round there and called police, but they refused to help me. Social workers did nothing either.”

In desperation, he posted the videos online, hoping to force officials to act.

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