Most Bizarre Murder Weapons Ever Used – News In History

1. Microwave.




On March 17, 2011, In Sacramento California, 34 year old Ka Yang placed her one month old daughter in the microwave for about 5 minutes. The child suffered burns on 60 percent of her body. As you could imagine this would have been deadly painful for the baby. During a hearing in 2012 it was stated that the most serious burn appeared to be a radiation burn that penetrated the baby’s internal organs and ‘cooked through’ to her stomach and small intestine. Yang first told investigators and family members that she had been holding the baby when she lost consciousness while working at the computer.

She claimed that she awoke to find the infant injured next to a space heater.

It was reported that she infact did have a history of seizures, but when police arrived initially, she seemed to be in her right mind and alert, and other inconsistancies in her story eventually lead her to be sentenced to life in prison.

2. Boobs.




Normally they are associated with giving life. But in this next story from 2013 we see a 51 year old woman by the name of Donna Lange of Everett Washington use her very large breasts to smother her also 51 year old boyfriend. The couple had shared a motor home and according to witnesses, he was heard begging Donna to get off of him during an altercation they had. Police said Donna was with a man and two other women at the scene, and that all were heavily intoxicated.

Cops added that Lang had a recent injury to her face and claimed she did not know how the death occurred. Getting really drunk didn’t fly as a “Get away with murder” charge.

3. Chainsaw.




Here we have Texas and chainsaws, but it’s not quite the massacre you may be thinking of. A routine mail delivery came to a gruesome end for one mail carrier around the Dallas Texas area, when he found the decapitated body of a woman lying in the street. Police identified her as Maria Corona, and said they believe her husband, Jose Fernando Corona, is responsible, two chainsaws at the scene, one of which was still running. Blood was splattered all over with body tissue everywhere, and her head was completely gone from the body. This story gets even more creepy. Jose Corona fled the scene in a 2005 Toyota Sequoia and it was later found abandoned in a Wal-Mart parking lot. He then took a 1991 Ford Ranger from a used car dealership and never returned it. Investigators believe that Corona may have fled into Mexico on April 27, 2010. So this guy is still out there.

4. Vagina.

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This murder wasn’t fully carried out but when a woman combines her lady cave with poison, and has an intent to kill with it, it becomes a very deadly weapon, especially because of how unlikely it is. A Brazilian man has accused his wife of trying to kill him by putting poison in her vagina and inviting him to have oral sex with her. He was only identified as 43 years old and he had noticed a strange odour coming from his wife’s private parts. After worrying about what was causing the stench, he took her to the hospital and that’s where she confessed that she in fact planed to kill her husband. Tests at the hospital showed that there was enough poison in her vagina to kill not only her husband, but herself too. The poison is unnamed, I assume it’s to avoid having any copy-cat female offenders.

5. Bowling Ball.




A 13 year-old in Fort Worth, Texas was sentenced to 23 years in prison Wednesday for killing a 5-year-old boy with a bowling ball. The Fort Worth teen, whose name has not been released, received the sentence as part of a capi Prosecutors said the teen killed Osman because the 5-year-old was “pestering” him earlier that day by trying to accompany him to the store.

He threw a 14-pound bowling ball at the child’s head, then straddled the fallen boy and threw the ball onto his head a second time.

6. Crucifix.




48 year-old Karen Walsh of Ireland should have asked herself, What would Jesus do? This woman used a crucifix to bludgeon her 81-year-old neighbor, Maire Rankin, on Christmas morning 2008. Taking things a little further, Karen sexually assaulted the old woman in an effort to throw off police. She was discovered lying naked, bruised, and bloodied on her bedroom floor with imprints of the crucifix on her chin. Walsh was convicted of murder in 2011. Karen is serving a minumum of 20 years in prison.

On the night of the murder, Karen flew into a rage and attacked the Maire Rankin after some very stern words were uttered about her excessive drinking and told to go home to her young son. Despite being found guilty of murder Karen Walsh still upholds her position of being inocent..


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