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Today, we’re talking all things Disney secrets and things you may have never noticed before in the movies – plus, some really creepy versions of our favourite Disney fairytales.

– Scar is probably the most hated lion in all of history – I mean, he looks hella cool but he is PURE EVIL. Anyway, remember in Lion King when Zazu told Mufasa that Scar would make a very handsome throw rug? He did indeed. Did you notice in Hercules that Scar is the lion that Hercules killed for on of his trials and then wears as a trophy?




Speaking of Lion King – they actually used the roars of tigers because lions weren’t loud enough! Huh, interesting!

– Have you ever been curious about why so many of the Disney characters are motherless? I’m talking Land Before Time when Little Foots mom died, Bambi, Cinderella, Ariel the Little Mermaid, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Jasmine from Aladdin, Pocahontas, Nemo….the list goes on! Well, that’s because of Walt Disney’s guilt over his mother’s death in 1938 – the story is is that he bought a home for his parents after the success of Snow White and a faulty heating system in the home led to the death of Flora Disney by carbon monoxide poisoning.




– The code A113 has shown up in pretty much every Pixar and Disney movie ever made. The number is actually a room at the California Institute of Arts – it was the classroom for first year graphic design and character animation, where many of the animators at Pixar and Disney discovered and mastered their craft.




-To save money, Disney used to recycle animations that they had already created.

-A lot of people always wonder what kind of “beast” the beast is from Beauty & The Beast – according to his animator he is a combination of seven different animals. He has the mane of a lion, the beard and head of a buffalo, the brows of a gorilla, eyes of human, tusks of a wild boar, body of a bear and legs and tail of a wolf.




-Did Aladdin or Ariel from Little Mermaid ever look a little familiar to you? Well, they were actually modelled after Tom Cruise and Alyssa Milano

– Who didn’t love Boo from Monsters Inc? You know usually in animation, they use an adult with a really good impression of a toddler – well, in Monsters Inc, Mary Gibbs was just a toddler at the time. The production team had a hard time getting her to record, so they followed her around the studio and pieced Boo’s dialogue together from things she said while she was playing.




-There’s been times that other Disney characters showed up in other Disney or Pixar movies – for example, Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story has showed up in Brave, Wall-E, Cars, Bugs Life, Ratatouille, Monsters Inc, Up and Finding Nemo

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-Speaking of Wall-E, he’s named after Walter Elias Disney.




-And in Tarzan, the china set from Beauty and the Beast makes an appearance – except, they weren’t talking…they were just…well, a tea set.




-The voice of Eeyore from Winnie and the Pooh is also the voice of Optimus Prime from Transformers – one is super depressed and one is super confident!




-We’ve had a lot of Lion King talk but coming back to them – Disney was actually sued by a biologist for the defamation of hyenas in that movie! Yikes!




Now that we’ve talked about all of the nice light things that you may have missed – have you heard of the REAL stories some of the Disney movies are based on?

Well, Cinderella, the Brother’s Grimm version tells the tale a little differently – one ofthe evil step-sisters actually cut her toes off to fit them in the glass slipper, the other one?…her heel but when word got back to the Prince that there was blood in the slipper, he went back on his search. When Cinderella and the Prince did get married – the step-sister’s eyes were pecked out by birds as punishment!




In Snow White, the Brother’s Grimm version again gave the story’s villain a cruel fate – the Queen was invited to Snow White’s wedding but when she showed up, she was given a pair of hot iron shoes and forced to dance to death in front of everyone at the wedding.




In Sleeping Beauty, we know it to end with the prince defeating the dragon, kissing the sleeping beauty and she woke up. In the 17th century tale, “Sun, Moon and Talia”, the prince didn’t kiss Talia when he found her sleeping – he was a king, and he raped her. She woke up months later with twin babies, Sun and Moon, then was reunited with the King (who was already married) She did get a “happily ever after”,if we can call it that, but only AFTER the current Queen tried to make the King eat his own babies….well, he threw her in a fire and then married Talia as punishment.




In Pinocchio, we all felt bad for him because he was just wanted to be a real boy! But guys, the “real” Pinocchio was a jerk! He murdered the story’s version of Jiminy Cricket in the first act, and Geppetto ended up going to jail for negligence. When he does get out, he sells his only coat to send Pinocchio to school and buy him a schoolbook, which Pinocchio sold for theatre tickets..and from there, he just gets worse and worse and it’s hard to even feel bad for him when he meets his fate with Fox and Cat hang him from a tree, leaving him to suffocate to death.





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