Pregnant Model Banned From Instagram For Being Too Hot – Brittany Perille Yobe

We know Instagram is pretty much USED as a business tool at this point to promote your business, your brand, or…just yourself…as a model, as an artist, beauty guru or fitness guru but this fitness model was banned from the popular app – for being too sexy.


Brittany Perille Yobe has been posting sexy fitness videos on Instagram for about two years, racking up 922,000 followers in the process but after posting an exercise tutorial showing her bare baby bump, her account was abruptly disabled.

Her workout video where she was sporting her usual sports bra and leggings was taken down and her account disabled less than 24 hours after the video was up and she received an email from Instagram with the explanation:


It goes on to say: We understand that people have different ideas about what’s okay to share on Instagram, but to keep Instagram safe, we require everyone to follow our guidelines.

Brittany is convinced that Instagram discriminated against her for being pregnant. “There was nothing out of the ordinary in this video besides my bump,” Brittany says in self defense.

Brittany depends on Instagram for income – she’s built her entire business around the social media platform, which she uses to market her online training guides and attract paid sponsorships so it is definitely concerning for her.
The permanent ban has already affected her income – since traffic to her website has been down and her fitness guide sales are also down.

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She’s now waiting for Instagram to respond to her appeal – she has started to repost old content on her backup Instagram account @brittanyperillee and now wants to raise awareness of the discrimination by Instagram: she says, “I am certain I am not the only woman who has been shut down for posting pictures and videos of a child growing inside my belly”







Update 10/25 11:29 a.m.: Brittany’s main account (@brittanyperilleee) has been reinstated.


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