Shocking Results Of Male Birth Control

Usually, it’s the women taking on the burden of taking the pill and having to deal with those side effects but in this study – it’s the men.

A Danish study found that a male contraceptive injection could be almost as effective as the pill, with a success rate of 96 percent. It isn’t the 99.9% success rate that the pill has but they are hoping to get there. But researchers had to end their study early after 20 participants dropped out because of side effects like mood swings and acne – basically, pretty similar side effects that women go through with their oral contraceptives. The study recruited 320 men between the ages of 18 and 45 – over the course of 56 weeks, they received regular injections consisting of two hormone – Progestogen, which lowers sperm counts and testosterone, which reduces the effects of the Progestogen and vice versa.

Despite the study ending early from participants dropping out due to side effects like erectile dysfunction, palpitations, hypertension, acne, pain, panic and even mood changes – researchers still believe this is a victory for the future of contraception.

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