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Their have been several cases in trought history of people, even statues “crying blood.” But have you ever wondered if it’s actually possible to cry blood? Reddit and other online users have asked- “Can you cry so hard that your tears turn to blood?” “How is it possible for someone to cry tears of blood?” “What does it mean if you cry blood?”


Either way, let’s just say that If you’re tears LOOK LIKE anything other than water you NEED to go to a doctor, NOW! Like don’t even read the rest of this article, JUST GO!

In 2013, a 20 year old woman living in the Chile was found crying blood red tears several times a day. Yaritza Oliva’s doctors have already ruled out eye infections as well as conjunctivitis. Other causes of bloodied tears can be a tumor in your lacrimal apparatus (which is the system that is reponsible for tear production and drainage) or other factors such as environmental damage or injuries.


The medical mystery is known as Haemolacria; blood coming out of someone’s eyes. As rare as the condition may be Yaritza isn’t the only one neither is she the first person to have been afflicted with this condition.

The first recorded case of Haemocloria was mentioned by 16th century Italian physician, Antonia Brassavola. He described a case of a nun who was crying tears of blood on the days when she was menstruating. And in the year 1581, a doctor in Belgium wrote about his 16 year old patient whose menstrual flow came out of her eyes instead. Like women in medieval times didn’t have it hard enough already!


Modern science also supports the theory that it could be link a woman’s menstral cycle. A study in 1991 found traces of blood in tears for 18 percent of women in their child bearing years. But of the 125 volunteers used in the study, only 7 percent of pregnant women were able to produce 100% pure tears. Doctors also found NO trace of blood in tears in post-menopausal women.

But here’s where things get more bizzare. In 2009, two teenage boys in Tennessee had similar symptoms. 15 year old Calvino Inman and Michael Spann. Inman was found crying blood anywhere between 3-5 times a day and his doctors were completely baffled.


Now, doctors at first said that Calvino Inman had Haemolacria, but they couldn’t be a 100 percent sure. Barrett Haik, the director of the Eye Insititue at the University fo Tennessee explained that Haemolacria
tends to occur in people who have gone through extreme trauma or a strong impact on the head. But in Calvino’s case, none of those applied to him.

Barrett Haik said, “It’s really rare to find a boy like that and only once in each period of many years you meet someone with no obvious cause for the problem.”

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Listen to how Calvino Inman describes his condition:

“Sometimes, I can feel it coming up, like a tear. I feel my eyes watering. Sometimes, it will burn as it comes out. I’ve been called possessed by almost all of my friends. I guess I’m used to it now. At first, it kind of hurt my feelings.”

Haik continues to say: “When you can’t find an origin, you can’t eliminate any of the possibilities and that there have been cases where children seeking attention have found creative ways to stimulate haemolacriatic symptoms.”

So are they faking? Probably not, who wants to cry blood for attention? Really?

Moving on to Michael Spann, the other boy from Tennessee wept tears of blood for seven years, but it happens less often over time. Haik noted that in all patients bloody tears eventually stopped completely just like that.


Also In 2009, Rashida Khatoon from Patna, India also showed the same symptoms. But unlike Calvino Inman who got a lot of medical attention, Rashida was simply labelled as being possessed. Sometimes there were residents that went to her house to seek her blessing and give her family presents. Not only did her house become a ‘holy shrine’ but she was dubbed ‘a living miracle.’ Didn’t know being possessed by a demeon was considered a good thing?

There was also the case of Preeti Gupta from New Delhi, India…also in 2009. Another case from 2009? What is this? Synchronized bleeding?


Twinkle Dwivedi was only 13 when she started to lose blood through her eyes and skin in 2011. National Geographic even made a documentary called “The Girl Who Cries Blood.” The physician who diagnosed her said, that Munchausen syndrome is the most likely diagnosis” (Munchhausen’s syndrome is a psychiatric disorder where someone copies other people’s for attention).

The Girl That Cried Blood, Twinkle Dwivedi
The Girl That Cried Blood, Twinkle Dwivedi

It’s not just humans that cry blood tears. Inanimate objects can cry blood too aparently! Did you know that a small number of weeping statues have been recognized by the Catholic Church? In November 2005, hundreds of pilgrims flocked to a town outside of Sacramento to see a statue of the Virgin Mary believed to be crying blood.


In this year 2016, there was another image of a Virgin Mary statue with red liquid dropping down its cheek in Columbia.

And most recently, many churchgoers in Mexico claim to have seen blood pouring from the eyes of a statue of the Virgin Mary. Many consider it to be a sign from God.


Similar occurrences have been proven to be hoaxes in the past. And Statues can’t really cry blood… Right??


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