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Born in 1942 in Vietnam, Thai Ngoc is best known for being awake for over 40 years. Well that’s what he claims. Any health official would tell you something that’s rather obvious, sleep is vital to our growth and development as humans. So how is it possible that Thai was able to live so long with getting any sleep since 1973, when his extreme case of insomnia began?


It’s reported that Thai Ngoc, the Vietnamese farmer got a fever in 1973, and since then somehow it just could never fall asleep again. He’s tried tons of medication and alcohol, counting sheep, all of that, and nothing.

Thai says that a lack of sleep does not affect him physically. He can still do heavy physical labour.

According to doctors who’ve examined him, Thai seems to be in perfect health, except for a little bit of issues with his liver.


In 2016 he spoke to the Thnah Nien News, a Vietnamese news company and said: “I don’t know if the insomnia has impacted on my health or not, but I’m still healthy and I can do the farm work normally like others.”

According to one doctor, Dr. Wadhwa, some insomniacs, lack the ability to clearly recognize the difference between sleep and being awake.

“The subject may feel they are merely resting when in actuality they are sleeping. They may also be having “Micro naps” —very short naps lasting minutes.”


Sleep state misperception (SSM), also known variously as paradoxical insomnia, pseudo-insomnia or subjective insomnia, refers to anyone who mistakenly perceives their sleep as wakefulness and thus severely underestimates their sleep time.

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Scientists have yet to study his case in any detail. Meanwhile, Thai uses his additional evening hours—to do extra farm work.


There are reports stating that you can go up to 3 days without sleep, others say around 2 weeks. But If this man has been awake for over 40 years, perhaps it’s a new condition that doctors haven’t discovered yet or perhaps he’s a very good liar. What do you think?


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